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For our bible study we focused on forgiveness, using Kids of Integrity.  We also read a great book, Enemy Pie, by Derek Munson.

Social Studies/History:
This week was a lot more fun than I ever anticipated.  I had planned and hoped to take a field trip to the Appalachian Mountains for this row.  When our schedule finally came to this row, taking a trip just wasn't attainable for various reasons.  I was so upset and felt like the week was "ruined".  How wrong I was!
When you put aside anger and frustrations, your mind can clear to think and remember other -just as good- activities.
Once I let go of my frustration that things weren't going exactly as planned.... I remembered something great.  We have a historic village in our area.  With an old coal train!!  Why didn't I think of this to begin with!?

We came here after our regular activities and learning at home - to end our week with a local field trip.
The volunteers and workers here dress the part-  of a village set in 1914.   This "little house on the prairie" lover was in 7th heaven.  {side note:  according to we are related to Laura Ingalls Wilder.... a cousin 7 times removed....whatever the heck that means}
I could spend all day in places like this.  Just pondering and wondering about life that once was.  And better yet, the kids loved it here, and didn't want to leave after 4 hours of joyful wandering.  We would have stayed longer, but they were closing.

Connor went into each house/building and his immediate question always was "Do you have any toys!?"  ☺ Pictured below you can see the first toy they were allowed to touch and play with.  An old Noah's Ark.  Inside were cloth animals and a cloth Noah.

Connor stood in the attic of this house and looked quietly out the window for several minutes.  I had to call to him numerous times to get him to come along to the rest of the house with us.   I wonder what his young mind was pondering?
 As we came down the stairs I reminded him of Three Names and told him that this was the same time period as the setting of that book.  He was thrilled, and quickened his steps to run off and ask the volunteer girls if they knew of the book.  ♥

This particular home had a cellar too - which was great to reference from that book as well.

And back to the current book, The Rag Coat, - in this home they had a quilting station set up in the large kitchen.  They actually sit and work it too, as if they were the woman of 1914 that lived here.

Outside we're led to a barn with animals and a covered wagon.  Sammy giggled with such delight at all the livestock. 

We followed the path into the town.  Our first visit in town was the Grocery.  It was so hard to get the kids to leave here and see all the other things the village had to offer.

There is just so much history to see and learn here.  I could go on and on of the wonderfulness of this place.  It's a true gem.

They make rugs here, with a real historic weaver!  The kids were encouraged to help!  At the blacksmith the kids sat attentively for so long, engrossed in his work.  They walked away with a gift of a S-hook he had made.  And again, at the meat market, I had a hard time pulling Connor away from the teaching of the "butcher" (it was close to closing time when we got to the butcher).

8 kids lived in this 3 bedroom home (pictured here are the girls room and boys room).  Check out all the "rag quilts"!

My role-play lover just adored this town where each building he would assume the role and "work".  Here he was a postman, delivering the day's mail.  I loved how attentively he would listen to each volunteer as they explained their role in each building.  The Grocer.  The tanner.  The blacksmith.  The butcher.  The housewives.   The farmer.  The Weaver.  He listened so willingly to each and every one.

Back inside there was a train set to play with.

As if all that wasn't amazing enough...  at the other wing of the museum there was an interactive tree exhibit.  How friggen awesome is this place!?  The previous week we happened to be studying trees and leaves, so this was perfect.

4 hours wasn't enough.  The kids soaked up each minute.  We seen, did and learned so much -- and we didn't even see everything they had to offer.


Previous to our amazing week end field trip, we were at home learning about coal.  We had ordered the free samples from the American Coal Foundation and Connor loved planting it in our basement for himself to find.  (did I ever mention his love for role play??)  ;)

With our ebook Evan Moor Literacy Science Grade 1 we worked on "week 17: looking at rocks".

With My Body (Science Books) we focused on muscles... because those old miners had big burly ones, right!?  lol

Emma made sure she had fancy toenails first and foremost.  Then she colored herself a fantastic rainbow-hued leg muscle to go with her rainbow heart.  (Connor is better at listening to instruction and colored his red, which is great too)

Of course we talked and read about coal, as already stated.  But I wanted to stress how dirty it is to burn as an energy source.  I found a great book, Go Easy on Energy by Lisa Bullard.  We also, on the same topic, had this book I had found from a bargain book shop: Solar & Wind Power, by Peter Lerangis.  It comes with your very own little car to build.  Connor named him Ricardo.  This was so much fun and the kids just loved that Ricardo moved all on his own, no batteries needed - just a nice sunny day.

 We also talked about cotton and yarn a little bit, since the coat in the story is made of fabrics.  My most favorite of the books we got this week was Extra Yarn, by Mac Barnett.  It is just a beautiful book. 
Working Cotton, by Sherley Anne Williams, is one I loved and immediately thought we need to check it out again, for our row next week with Follow the Drinking Gourd.

The rest of our library finds are shown in the widget below:

Extra Fun:

We made a coal miners dinner and coal cookies for dessert on the last night of our row.  It was delicious!  (links are below)

• American Coal Foundation - a great resource for info,
lesson plans, and you can send away for free samples!!
• A free Lapbook from Aussie Pumpkin Patch
 • Coal Video - a biblical video explaining coal
• Coal Miners Pasties - an amazing lunch or dinner


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun. It's amazing what is in our own areas sometimes!

  2. Loving all of your rows that have popped up in my email ~ thanks so much for linking up! Another fabulous row ~ love it all! :)


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