Halloween Week 2013

Connor's passion in life is role playing.  So it goes without saying that he loves Halloween.  Plus, it's the one week a year we don't get questioned as to why he's dressed up.  Like the other day at the Dr's office when he decided he wanted to be a fireman.  They just assumed it was for Halloween.  Nope!  Just Connor being Connor! =]

This week was a "break" week for us.  So just lots of child-led learning, book reading and play.

Here in this house, we have a mad love for books.  Even baby bean.

Our family favorites:

Who Said Boo?  by Anne Miranda & Ross Collins

This book is a yearly favorite.  I remember purchasing it years before I even had a child of my own.  (I have a major love for children's books).  I bought it with wistful hoping to one day read this to my own kids, and also to read to my then 3 year old niece, who adored it.  It's just spooky enough, without being too spooky, for the preschool age.  With lift the flap surprises.  Love love love this book!  Seriously.  Emma lugs it all over town with us.

Ghost Gets Dressed! by Janee Trasler  
This is a cute and simple book the kids love.  It's perfect for the beginning reader and for the pre-reader, "memory reading".  Emma (3) loves to "read" this out loud all by herself over and over again.  It's a cute back and forth book between Ghost and Monster with a funny surprise at the end.

Counting Our Way to Halloween by Alyson A. Zachary

This was a wonderful gift from Grandma, for the kids, last Halloween.  Connor manned the puppet, Emma helped count, and Sammy provided the heart melting giggles.

Connor's favorite:

 Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet by Diane deGroat

This was another I bought years before I had kids.  I love her books, and now that the kids are old enough to sit and listen, they adore her books too!

Our Favorite Library Finds:

Trick Or Treat? by Melanie Walsh 
Emma (3) adores this book so much.
It's by Jane Yolen.  In this house of kid's book lovers... that's 'nuff said right there.  All those books like How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?, yeah.  Same author.
Favorite Christian Books:
The Pumpkin Patch Parable by Liz Curtis Higgs

 With all this snuggle time book reading, we did do some light "work", as the kids requested.
Pumpkin Packs by 1+1+1=1
Pumpkin Patch Parable at Totally Tots
Shining God's Light on Halloween by 1+1+1=1
Jack-O-Lanterns by Gift of Curiosity
Halloween Pinterest Board - my own
Monster Penny Toss at Education.com
Monster Pack at 2TeachingMommies
Itsy Bitsy Spider Story Props at KidzClub
Spiders Pack from 2TeachingMommies
Pumpkin Patch from Our Little Monkeys
Fall Do-a-Dot from 3 Dinosaurs

Last year I found this super cute monster pack, but didn't save it.  I can't for the life of me figure out who made it to link back or to print more for us.  Anyone know!?!?

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