Cranberry Thanksgiving {FIAR}

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Here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October.
We started the week at the library choosing books to get us through the week.  We are a book family.  We have so many children's books I have to keep track of them on LibraryThing.  And yet, we still make weekly trips to the library. 
We went from the library to the park.  With our Everyday Literacy Science, Grade 1, we focused on week 10:  leaves, to go along with a fall type theme.  So it fit perfect with our park trip where, with no prompting, Connor began to collect treasures.  He found "the biggest leaf ever!!"
When we got home we worked on silhouettes, as drawn in the book, Cranberry Thanksgiving.  I took a profile photo of the kids, then edited in photoshop.  So yeah.  Connor needs a haircut.  Badly.
We also worked on a few fall themed printables from Homeschool Creations.
We use the many great ideas from Kids of Integrity, focusing on Thanksgiving.

We watched:

which then tied into our ongoing "My Body" figures.  We worked on hearts this week, because "A thankful heart is a happy heart."

Emma's heart ended up being very rainbow colored.  lol.

We ended the week by making the famous "secret" recipe, which is on the back cover.  It seemed like a ton of cranberry compared to the dough, but it wasn't bad!  Most importantly, the kids loved it.  Connor, of course, had to draw himself a beard and role play Mr. Whiskers.


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  1. I'll have to try the silhouette idea using photoshop, too! Never thought of that! Love this book : )

  2. Looks like a fun week! Love the silhouettes!

  3. The photos from your fall wall are so perfect the weather and the leaves look just perfect. My kids did the My Body book the other year and we loved it. Happy Thanksgiving.


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