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Connor led learning:
Our library doesn't have a copy of this book, so we bought our own copy.  It came a few weeks before our scheduled "row" of it.  The kids wanted to read it right away, so we did, just without any lessons attached.  They loved it so much it was a nightly bedtime story.
So, when I told Connor we were going to study Japan this week, using A Pair of Red Clogs... well ...... let's just say he was excited ..... (he knows Ninjas are from Japan)
He came down in the morning all set to go.
We don't own a ninja costume.  I think he did just fine without a bought one.  lol.
We read Wink: The Ninja Who Wanted to be Noticed.  Unlike Wink, Connor didn't want to be noticed, (thankfully).  All throughout the week he could be found darting around the yard hiding behind trees, bushes and cars.  I just love his imagination!

I am having such a hard time finding copies of "Are We There Yet:  World Adventure!".  However, we were able to watch a few Japan related clips via CBC.ca.  We also watched National Geographic clips on Sumo Wrestling via YouTube.  Japan National Geographic Video and Could You be a Sumo Wrestler.

We went everywhere with a Ninja in tow.

Emma led learning:

Emma did lots of girly printables, from 1+1+1=1.  She kept asking for more, so more we did!  We did things from My Little Pony, Doc McSuffins, and Princess.

She also loves to color.

She also did printouts from Raising Rockstars Preschool, Letter D.

Science and Bible Study:

Japan, as we learned in our Japan ABCs, by Sarah Heiman, has about 190 volcanoes.  So we did volcano experiments!  I had planned on only one "volcano", the one with yeast, but Connor remembered doing the baking soda/vinegar one and wanted to do that as well.  (Plus a playdoh volcano).  We did several volcanoes before I had to put an end to our fun.  He could have went on all day with it.

Our Character Trait focus this week was honesty.  From the lessons found on Kids of Integrity, we did this pepper experiment, shown below.  Again, we had to do it like 10,478,902,897 times (I'm not being totally honest here) before Connor was satisfied.  The kid loves science.
 In our Bible studies we were focusing on Jacob and Esau.  We have many children's storybook bibles, but this week we used My First Hands-On Bible.

 We had red lentil soup for dinner one night, and talked on how it would be to give up our house and belongings for our dinner.  (we had this Moroccan version of the soup and let me tell ya -- it tastes amazing!!)

Since Jacob and Esau were twins we borrowed Take Two!: A Celebration of Twins from the library.  (fun fact:  I'm a twin).  We all snuggled up into our over sized chair and read several poems.  The one that Connor honed in on was the "conjoined" poem.  So we did some role play and then ventured off to youTube were we watched some videos.  He pretty much sat through the entire documentary on Abby and Brittany.  Then I may or may not have watched two more.  ahem.

In addition to all that science.... we also did some things on weather.  We studied a bit about it with week 19 of Everyday Literacy Science, Grade 1.  We, of course, also did the weather telling game (several rounds, in fact).  Just like Meko and her friends did.  Connor was beside himself with joy when Emma's "clog" landed on it's side.  Snow!  This boy has a serious love of snow.  Sam participated too.  ;)

And if all that wasn't enough... we also added kidneys and bladder to our "My Body " figures.  I chose kidneys and bladder because they filter/cleanse our bodies... so it sort of matched the "Honest" theme.  .... um..maybe?  Right??  Well, anyway, our creepy body drawings needed filters.  lol.


We played Hopscotch.  Poorly... since I couldn't seem to draw it correctly.  lol.

The FIAR manual suggests to play pretend shop.  KizClub has a really cute printout, "Let's Go Shopping" we used with play money we got from the $ store.  Also, we played on the iPad with Toca Store.  The kids love anything Toca Boca!

Some great go-along books we have, for shopping theme, are I Shop With My Daddy and Llama Llama Mad at Mama.

We also did some printouts from Homeschool Share, learning the differences of times.  Then we read What's the Time, Mr Wolf?, by Tony Mitton -(a super cute book with flaps), as well as Turn and Learn: Time, by Sarah Phillips -(turn wheels to the correct times).  Connor Mario loved spinning the wheel to the correct time.  Did I ever mention that he loves to role play?

Social Studies:

I think it's pretty clear we learned a great deal about Japan, lol.  To end the week I made a variation of this sweet sushi.  I used an organic fruit leather, so it wasn't as pliable or sticky as the fruit roll-up.  But I was okay with that.  We don't eat very many sweets here, so the kids didn't miss the difference at all.  It was SO good.  I'm sure if I would have taken the time to microwave it a bit the round one would have stuck better.  I used Swedish fish for the tops.  Soooo yummy!

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Next up:  Cranberry Thanksgiving
(because we live in Canada and celebrate in October)


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  1. Loved seeing all the creativity and fun happening at your house! We've enjoyed many units from five-in-a-row in the past. Just last week my 7 year old came waddling down the hallway all dressed in white with oven mits on her feet and a paper cone tied to her face "quacking" that she was one of Ping's 42 cousins.


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