Our curriculum for 2013/14

We're still here!  Still truckin' along.  We finished tot school and Kindergarten then moved along to the wondrous vacation of summer.  Camping and beaches and parks, weddings and backyard kiddie pools, dinosaur gardens, and family gathered around a fire pit.

I tend to lose ambition to blog our life between the months of February and August.  I guess I get burnout out with pluggin away with school and life in the dreary winter months.  Then summer comes along and you can't get us to stay indoors for long.  Then August comes round again and all things school feel all fresh, new and exciting.  But I struggle with knowing where to go with the whole blog thing.  Which is a topic for another day.

For now, we're going to talk curriculum.

For this year (2013/14) we will have a 1st grader and a preschooler and a baby.  I want so bad to give Emma the same I did for Connor for his preschool days, but it's just not going to be a reality when I have 3 kids to tend too.  So after much consideration I decided she will just be tagging along with Connor's schooling, but at a preschool level of course.

so.  For 1st grade (with preschool tag-a-long), we are choosing to do FIAR.  Last year we did HOD for Connor, and while I ended up loving it for it's ease of use, I don't like that it's mainly all American History moving forward in the program.  (while I am an American with much American pride, my kids are Canadian and I feel they should learn their own first and foremost).  Plus?  We already own FIAR.  (thereby making it very much affordable -- oh how I dream of someday owning Sonlight!)

While FIAR is also easy, for me it adds work (prep) because it's not like HOD in that it will directly say "open book X and turn to page Y and read XYZ".  FIAR is more wide open.  And while I love it, I also hate it.  ha!  It's wonderfully flexible.  But I drive myself mad trying to come up with a "perfect" schedule. 

To add in a biblical aspect we are going to do the Kids of Integrity (FREE) lessons, where applicable with the books we row.  So, for example, when we row The Story about Ping, we will be focusing on Obedience.  We will also be using printouts of Character Traits from Hubbard's Cupboard that we've used for the past 3 years now.

Science, math and social studies will all be done at the suggestions of the FIAR curriculum.  With the add in of a Canadian math workbook (to be sure we work on the correct money worksheets) that I picked up at Target.  How excited am I about my favorite store making it here finally!?  So excited!!  Anyways, back to curriculum. 

Phonics we are sticking with Hooked on Phonics, for Connor.  Emma will be just focusing on beginning reading with Raising Rockstars Preschool and whatever printables go along with the row of the week.

We already began our first week, with Madeline, and I'm so excited to share our fun!

for science we are also doing
My Body (Science Books) and Everyday Literacy Science, Grade 1.


  1. We love hooked on phonics too :) I'm a homeschooling mom of four, so I totally know what you mean when you say, "I want so bad to give XXX the same preschool experience but with three kids..." It definitely has its challenges! I always say, though, that reading education has always been easy for us -- because every one of our kids is a Hooked on Phonics fanatic! My nine and five year olds are both reading far beyond grade level, and my two-year-old twins know the whole alphabet and also most of the letter sounds. I'd love to say it is because I am so fantastic at teaching them...but I think it is mostly because of the HOP program (sheepish grin).

    1. I especially love the new content/setup - whatever it's called. The videos and printables! So much easier than 3 short years ago when we began with the CD-ROM games which I found infuriating. But I am in LOVE with the new HOP. Both kids are well above their age/grade level. =)


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