Madeline continued {FIAR}

We are continuing this week with Madeline, doing more talks about healthy foods and healthy bodies.

"In two straight lines they broke their bread and brushed their teeth and went to bed."

The kids are loving learning about teeth.  They seem fascinated with looking at the pictures of tooth decay in the like named book, Tooth Decay (How's Your Health?) .  They both come down first thing in the morning and open it right up, asking all kinds of questions.  It's great!

It's spurred talks of ways to keep our teeth (and bodies) healthy. There's nice print outs from KidzClub on the food pyramid we used to go along with some books on health.  One nice one the kids are loving is:  Healthy Eating: The Best Start in Science

We also loved the book Eat Healthy, Feel Great by Dr. Sears.  Even Emma {3} sat and listened through the whole book.  Later on we'll play a green light/red light game using printouts of food.

I recently purchased the ebook form of Literacy Science, and we've done the "Food for Energy" unit.

I love that the kids are so into these healthy lessons!

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