What's in a name?

When we first told Connor the news he was to have a new baby brother or sister he immediately declared it would be a boy and his name would be "Samson Zeus". 

The name stuck.

I started referring to the baby as Samson.  So when he was born and Al said a firm "no" on the name Samson I was a little grief stricken to be honest.  lol.

I am big on meanings of names.  I don't know why.  I just am.  Samson, as I understood at the time, means 'bright and joyful, like the sun.'  I loved it.  Connor loved it (for different reasons).  But it wasn't meant to be.

We agreed on Samuel because it was close to Samson.  But also, because I loved the meaning, linked to the name.  In the bible, Hannah prays for a son.  Her prayers are heard and she gives birth to a boy and names him Samuel, "heard of God".  This name.... it couldn't fit better because pray I did.

Sammy was a surprise baby.  A happy one.  But the pregnancy was a rocky road.  We had a neural tube defect scare.  Then a missing kidneys scare.  Both thankfully false alarms.  Those were some of the most trying and scariest days of my life.  I just wanted my baby boy safe and healthy in my arms.

Then we had cholestasis, which poses a risk to baby (stillbirth).  In addition, I was in labor, prematurely, for 6 weeks.  An entire 6 weeks.  Day after day.  Night after night.

All in all, that is a whole lot of worry packed into one pregnancy.  I prayed.  And I was heard.  Samuel.

His middle name, Ivan, is his great grandfather's name and we were so very glad to name our baby for him.  An added perk is Ivan means "gift of God."  Totally fitting for a surprise, unplanned baby.

And there you have it.  Samuel Ivan West.  Our prayed for gift of God.

How did you go about naming your kids?

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