Kindergarten Week 11 {LHFHG Unit 9}

We're using Heart of Dakota: Little Hearts for His Glory.

Here are some highlights from our week:

We didn't get many pictures this week as I was just focused on "survival" with 3 kids at home - one a newborn - and post surgery.  We continued with our schooling, but I just didn't remember to photograph our days in the chaos.  ;)

Role Play:

Connor seen that our fireplace was lit and with out any hesitation ran back upstairs to get on his fireman suit and grab his "hose" (he uses his toy vacuum hose).  I love that he's so into role playing and is free to be himself all day.


Connor loves anything hands on.  So of course he loved our hands on math.  We measured using blocks and I let him choose the things to measure; he chose dinosaurs.

He also measured his foot using blocks and then paper clips

This week was Halloween.  For extra math I had him sort out his candies into matching groups.  Since I'm such a fantastic mom I was sure to "save him" from any peanut candies and promptly 'disposed' of any we found.  =p

Life School:

I love seeing how Connor is blossoming as a big brother with a new baby.  I was busy with baby and Emma was hungry.  Connor took it upon himself to solve the dilemma and got Emma to climb in her chair and then he attached her tray.  All without me asking.  What a huge help!  The photo is horrible but I thought it was sweet anyways.

And of course he continues to teach baby brother the important things in life... knowledge of Transformers.  ;)

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