Kindergarten Week 10 {LHFHG Unit 8}

We're using Heart of Dakota: Little Hearts for His Glory.

Here are some highlights from our week:

Role Play:

This is the only photo we got of the curriculum in action.  Connor was to take some rolled up socks to use as "stones" and throw them at "Goliath" (the red square with an angry face on the door).  He elaborated on the activity by getting his tool belt to use as a sling.  He, of course, loved this activity.

Other things Connor did as pretend play were to bring a play tent outside and pack a picnic lunch.  Then he had his lunch out on the front lawn.  (this was all his idea).  He even, embarrassingly enough, packed clothes to pretend day/night while "camping" and changed right there in the yard.  ha!!

In the mornings he was really into pretending he was drinking coffee (water) and reading his paper (Calvin and Hobbes).

While having another camping day he decided he needed some "food" and went hunting.  He wore a couple belts, a camo hat and carried a play knife and hunted some little plastic exotic animals he placed in the yard.

Learning from life:

Connor helped me gut a pumpkin and supervised me chopping it up and cooking then pureeing it for pie.  Then he helped make the dough and the pie.  yumm!


And that wraps up our week review, in pictures. Of course there's a ton more we did, but I can't photograph every detail. ;)

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