growing up is so hard to do . . . .

Growing up is so hard to do . . . . for the momma!!
It's funny - how much you remember of your first vs the 2nd and 3rd and so on.  The first born!  They are your one and only, your life, for however long it is until the 1st sibling comes along.  Every detail is anticipated and treasured.  Every detail, no matter how small seems such a huge deal.  Like call the local news huge deal. 

"Hello ABC News?  Connor just got his first tooth.  I expect to see it front page in this mornings paper, thanks."

You feel like getting on the horn and calling your entire contact list.  Scream it from the roof tops - with a megaphone.

It feels, to you, like they should win some huge award for merely doing what every human does.  Grow.

And then that long sought after award winning first tooth ... it falls out.  And your world comes crumbling down. 

Your baby is no longer your baby.

Somewhere in the day to day chaos of life he grew - and you didn't even realize it.  {cliche} He grew in the blink of an eye.


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