Weekly Wrap-Up {kindergarten}

This week we took it easy since we were 2 weeks post baby.  We had a couple afternoons of watching our Read and Share Bible DVD - the kids love this DVD - while mommy, daddy and baby brother cat napped.

While at the store one day Connor walked past a Thanksgiving Elmo card and begged us to let him buy it because little sister would love it.  So buy it we did!  (how sweet and thoughtful he can be!!)  He was so excited and proud to address and sign it himself (good writing practice!!), then run it over to her one evening so she could open it.  Such a sweet moment!

We decorated pumpkin cookies one afternoon (thanks to Grandma!).  Connor had such a great time, saying this was "the best fall day ever!!!", then ran to get balloons because we needed to celebrate and have a party for the best fall day ever.  Who was I to say no?

He took over the role of being teacher (again) and gave baby brother some more important lessons in life.  Again, on superheroes and cars and such.  Important lessons for a boy to learn!  ;)

Connor has many costumes to role play with.  Yet often he chooses to come up with his own thing.  Here he is being Optimus Prime - using a vacuum hose as his weapon, a swim board as shield, and foam puzzle pieces as Optimus' .... um ... things.  Not sure what they're called.  lol.

One afternoon we went to the museum to learn and play.  Avatar was the brand new exhibit we were able to see.  Connor loved it.  There was so much to interact with and see.  He wore Jake's shoes, filmed his own clips, acted in a scene and so much more.  So fun!


For more hand on learning he went to Home Depot with Daddy and built his very own fire truck.  One happy boy we had!

So, while we didn't have a week of "school" we still very much had a week of learning.  =)

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