Turkey Trotting

Yesterday I spent my morning out on a run in the dark.  I had begrudgingly got myself up out of bed and out the door before the sun even rose.  It's dark.  It's cold.  It's foggy and wet.  But near the end of my run I was rewarded with a sunrise that I otherwise would have missed.

I've started this new routine, and to be honest I would have long ago given it up except for the app I found, Charity Miles.  I like running for more than just me.  Each mile I run can mean something to someone else in some other part of the world. 

Yesterday as I was about to make my 50th excuse of why I shouldn't go run I got an email newsletter from Charity Miles saying that every mile they were donating double the meals per mile for Feed America in honor of the turkey trot.  So on went the shoes and this turkey trotted out the door.

I'm not running very far yet, I only started a few short weeks ago, so I "only" logged 4 meals.  But that's 4 meals that wouldn't have been given. 

I used to be told that I can't save the world so stop worrying about it and keep my money for myself for college or what not, {back when I was young and wanted to give away all my birthday monies to sponsor a kid}.  But those people are wrong in their rightness.  They are right in that I can't save the world.  And they are wrong by advising to do nothing.  By doing nothing you for sure help no one but yourself.  By doing something, anything, you can potentially be the world to one person.

Every little bit helps.

And since it was Thanksgiving I realized I was thankful for the ability to run, even when I don't feel like it.  I can run.  Some day I won't be able to, so I should while I can.  And I'm thankful that I have this phone that I can take with me to log those miles and give something back. 

I also, simultaneously, use the app by Plus 3 Network.  This one has loads more options for logging time and/or miles while doing activities.  Charity Miles is walk, run or bike.

Saving the world, one person at a time.  Or one penny at a time. 

Take that pessimists!


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