Santa got STUCK!?

Connor and I ventured out to the library by ourselves, looking for I know an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Pie.  But being that we live in Canada (and our thanksgiving is in October) the library had all the Thanksgiving books in storage.  Or something.  At any rate there was no book to be found, even though the online catalogue said it was on the shelves.  Connor was so upset.  So I quickly pointed him to the Christmas section.  Forget Thanksgiving, lets talk Christmas!  lol.

He wasn't interested in a single thing until he spied this:

I had been reading him titles while flipping through the paperbacks and he quickly stuck a finger in so he wouldn't lose this one.

He happily went home and promptly opened it up to read.  What a joy this book is!

It's easily one of the top favorite Christmas books now .... because, well, let's be honest, The Gingerbread Pirates is a pretty awesome Christmas book too.

But back to the other favorite, Santa's Stuck -  It's a humorous book jam packed with all kinds of goodies like rhyming, repetition and foreshadowing.  It's poetic.  It spurs lots of "why's?"  Like why did Santa get stuck.  Which in turn is a great opening for discussing healthy vs non-healthy foods, and the importance of moderation.

Connor just loved this book.

Here's a couple cute ideas I found on Pinterest that would go a long great with the book:




  1. Totally going to look for this on Amazon!

    1. You really should! It is such a CUTE book! and a nice humorous surprise at the end for boys especially. We read it again today. ;)


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