{Kindergarten} Thanksgiving

We took an easy week this week since I was still recovering from surgery (cesarean).  There were many cuddles with new baby brother and many "lessons" from big brother to little brother.  Connor would sit almost each day and ramble on and on to his brother about all the important things to know in life. Like cars and transformers and of course super heroes.
We did some art to be sure our walls were properly decorated for the season.  ;)
This one we did last year too.  I wanted to do it again so we can see the growth of little hands.
I helped Connor trace his hand then I cut it out because I wanted to be able to see his hand nice - it's something I want to keep.  I had Connor drop paints on his "tree" (he also wanted leaf piles) then we put down a piece of wax paper on top and he smushed it around.
We read bits A Pioneer Thanksgiving: A Story of Harvest Celebrations in 1841.  I chose to focus on the bread making story because I wanted to make bread, with Connor, for our Thanksgiving dinner (Canadian).  He helped with the entire process - watching the yeast bubble in the warm water, helping pour ingredients into the bowls and (his favorite) helping pound the dough.  Just like in the story I set some dough aside for him to creative a figure to put on top of the bread.
He was so proud of his bread.  He made sure everyone had a piece when our company (grandma, grandpa and great grandma) showed up for dinner.

It doesnt' seem like much of a week, but considering I had just had surgery .... I guess it was a lot!  ;)

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  1. what fun! love the hand tree! Have a Happy Thanksgiving - feel free to link this post up @ Link & Learn http://mamato3blessings.blogspot.com/2012/11/thanksgiving-activitysensory-box-learn.html#

  2. I had a cesarean with my first...I can't imagine doing it this time with with my two little ones to keep busy during recovery! You're my hero to get in there and bake bread too! ;-)

  3. That top photo is gorgeous! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and that your recovery continues to go well.

  4. I love the fall tree hand art - we'll have to work it into our week I think!


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