gingerbread pirates and playdough.

Last year I came upon this book, The Gingerbread Pirates, and had to buy it right away for my gingerbread loving, pirate fanatic son. It is an adorable story about these pirate cookies the boy made with his mother and the "cannibal" Santa Claus that wants to eat them.  Too cute!

Connor was in love at first sight.

This year he has been super excited for Christmas since the beginning of November. I've held him off on pulling out everything Christmas related for several weeks now, but after the snow arrived last Sunday I figured he waited long enough and I pulled out the book and made him some Christmas themed play dough {dyed red, green, silver and gold then scented with mint extract} complete with a gingerbread cookie cutter.

He is way more creative than me so he had to suggest that I give him a toothpick for the peg leg, just like in the book. It was only then that I thought to give him some googly eyes, buttons, beads, jewels and pipe cleaners to enhance his dream gingerbread pirates.

Little man was happy for the rest of the day.


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