Kindergarten Week 6 {LHFHG Unit 4}

We're using Heart of Dakota: Little Hearts for His Glory.

Here are some highlights from our week:


Connor was still interested in Egypt after last week's role playing.  Luckily the curriculum continued with Egypt things.

We found a great book at the library on crafts to do and a few recipes.  Of course I can't remember the name. 

Anyways, the curriculum had us making an Egyptian collar for a Pharaoh.  I had first read him two of our library books we got as extra reading.  He realized that the Pharaohs had no shirts and no socks, so he remedied himself.  The kid gets serious about his role play.  He was very upset he had to wait for our glued on jewels to dry.

Role Play:

After Connor became a Pharaoh I had a hard time getting him to listen to anything.  "No mom, I am the Pharaoh, you have to listen to me!"

So what else was I to do but make a dinner meal fit for a king - straight out of our library book. 
He was less than impressed with his "kingly meal".  Beans and eggs on a bed of lettuce, with a side of plain bread.  But hey.  Eggs were a luxury in Ancient Egypt.  I did give him his milk in a "fancy goblet" so I won brownie points there.

The next morning he was cured of wanting to be a Pharaoh, so we were able to move on to role playing saving baby Moses.

One other role play, from the curriculum, was pretending to be the burning bush.  Connor really loved this.  So much that he colored himself green with washable marker, then ran downstairs to show his dad how to act like a burning bush and retold what bushes need to thrive.


One of the things we learned about was, of course, the bush.  Here he is coloring leaves on the bush in his science book.  He got really into it, telling a long winded story about the leaves and something about a battle of them growing.  There were a lot of spitty boy noises and adventure involved.

Language Arts:

We did extra review this week using the Kumon My Book Of Rhyming Words

From the HOD curriculum we said sang a song that went with the verse ("Trust in the Lord with all your heart..." Proverbs 3:5-6).  One day during the song he suddenly picked up a heart cookie cutter and used it as a prop.  Then he held it above his head and said he was falling in love.  ha!


He loved playing one morning with a new app we downloaded for free, i Learn With Poko.

And that wraps up our week review, in pictures.  Of course there's a ton more we did, but I can't photograph every detail.  ;)

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{Tot School} Family/Mommy/Baby

We are using Hubbard's Cupboard 2's Curriculum, adding in letters, shapes and colors. Emma is 27 months old.

Bible Memory:
"Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord."  Colossians 3:20

Letter F
Shape - Heart

  1) Mommy Hugs
  2) I Love My Mommy
  3) Five Little Ducks
  4) Mama, What's in There? - I love love love this book right now.  It is such a cute book to read to toddlers when momma is expecting..... like me!
  5) Mama, How Long Will You Love Me? - I don't recommend reading this book out loud to your babies while hormonal and pregnant.  =P 
  6) Mom and Me - beautiful early reader book showing mothers from all over the world.  Love this book!
  7) The New Baby
  8) I'm a Big Sister
  9) Best-Ever Big Sister
10) Baby on the Way - She actually sat thru this one, which made me happy.  I'm trying so hard to help her understand what is happening.  This book explains in a wonderful (and kid-friendly) way.

Language Arts:

We practiced the "F" sound with her new pink do-a-dot marker.  The girl loves pink!  I had her say "Fff" each time she dotted the paper.  She loves to do this!


We sponge painted red and yellow.  She was having so much fun with this, naming each one somebody from Sesame Street.  haha!

We fingerpainted the letter "F" - but only for a tiny short while before she requested brushes.  She does not like getting dirty.  (both this "f" paper and the upper one came from Confessions of a Homeschooler)

Social Studies:

We read Five Little Firefighters and colored firetrucks.  Then we role played!

5 little monkeys
5 little ducks

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Kindergarten week 5 {LHFHG unit 3}

We're using Heart of Dakota: Little Hearts for His Glory again, after our side step for dinosaur week 1 and week 2

Here's some highlights from our week:
Role Play:
Connor's favorite of this curriculum is the hands on/role play.  Naturally.  He loves it so much I have to save it for last otherwise I lose my student for the remainder of the day.  This week, for one day, we were to role play leaving the tower of Babel and "spread out" to Egypt, Asia and Europe. 
Connor chose to go to "Egypt" and I got down his little suitcase and had him pack up some clothes.  He declared our basement Egypt, the living room Asia and outside he called Greece.  His bedroom was the tower of Babel and was to be avoided at all cost...... like during nap time.  Clever guy.  ;)
Here (below) he's making his way up the stairs from "Egypt" to visit me in "Asia".  But only for one night he made clear.  There were many many days and nights in his one day of role play.  He must have changed clothes 20 times at least.
Sleeping one night in "Asia":
Off to see "Greece":

He played at this all week long.  Even though we moved on from that particular story in the curriculum. 
He also played with a face mask we made in Sunday School last year.
Connor's other love is the hands on science.  I'm guessing because it's hands on.  He is such a tactile learner. 
One day this week we were to take different spices and such and match them up, using the sense of smell, like Esau did with Jacob's soup. 
Connor did this several times he loved it so much.  Then he saved it to show Daddy when he got home. 
He gagged a bit at the lemon juice then had a good long 5 minute laughing fit.
We use Hooked on Phonics, then supplement/review through out the week with Bob Books and printables from Walking by the Way.
I also pulled out our sorting -ap and -am printables we used last year from Caps for Sale, from Homeschool Creations.
A prompt from the curriculum was to write/trace his name and a word to describe himself compared to Granny Fox.  He chose to say "Connor is scurvy."  Haaa!  (He was pretending to be a pirate that day).
There was some hands on math to do, suggested by the curriculum.  It was a bit easy for Connor (he excels at math and language arts) so I upgraded it from "use a manipulative to make the number and easy math problems" to a greater than, less than lesson.  We used sister's crocodile to "eat up" the larger numbers.  He struggled with "equals", so I tried re-wording for him in a way I thought he might understand.  "If Aunt Becky is 4 yrs old and Mommy is 4 yrs old, who is bigger?" (we're twins).  His answer?  "Well..... you are, because you have a big belly!"
And that wraps up our week review in pictures!  ;)
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{Tot School} Family/Daddies

We are using Hubbard's Cupboard 2's Curriculum, adding in letters, shapes and colors. Emma is 26 months old.

Bible Memory:
Colossians 3:20  Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.


Sensory Bin Fun:

This month I went with the theme I guessed was supposed to be Hubbard's Cupboard torn paper idea... 'back to school'.  But instead of torn paper, I put in foam bath letters and numbers from the dollar store, a small calculator, kid scissors, a small pad of paper, a pencil, a globe ball, backyardigan stickers and a pencil bag filled with crayons.

She loved this bin, playing with it several times a day, every day.  She especially loved the stickers and the pencil bag w/ crayons.

Language Arts:
We learned the letter F, reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and adding the F to our tree (printed from KizClub).  She played with an F puzzle several times this week.


Emma loves books, so we read a lot.

1) The Daddy Book - Todd Parr books are always a hit at our house

2) I Love My Daddy - such a sweet book, and just the right length for a 2 year old.
3) Mommy Loves Her Baby/Daddy Loves His Baby - cute book showing all kinds of baby animals and their mommas with nice poetry type wording
4) You and Me Together  - I LOVE this book.  Maybe more than either of the kids.  lol.  I love it for the photography, of course. Beautiful book showing families around the world.
5) Some Dads - really cute book that talks about all the different kinds of dads there are.  Nice length for a toddler.  Love the art work.
6) Your Daddy Was Just Like You - This fit big brother more, but Emma did enjoy it too.  It feels more like a book that should be read by Grandma.  Not mommy or daddy. But I liked that it talked about how Daddy used to be afraid to try new things too (since our son is currently struggling with courage to ride a bike).

AB pattern - I did try showing her an "AB" pattern with family themed printouts. 
Size Sort - Emma wasn't interested in this at all.  I offered it and tried to show it.  But she is only two.  We did try though!


Family Tree from KizClub

Emma really enjoyed the craft from KizClub.  First I had her color the tree and apples, then we glued on printed out pics of family members.  I helped her cut out the apples then she glued those to the tree.  Very happily.  "Hi Grandmom!" .... "It's DADDY!" (then she took 'daddy' and put him next to her photo and started playing like they were dolls.  "Emma up, Daddy.  Up!" - wanting the daddy photo to pick up the Emma photo.  lol.

We didn't worry about order or anything, just enjoying the photos of family and gluing them to the tree.  It did spark a giggle from me though when my brother was the bottom center of the tree and from him stemmed Great Grandpa then the rest of us.  lol.

5 little monkeys with props from KizClub
5 little ducks with props from KizClub

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