Tot School: Camping week 1

tot school

We are using Hubbard's Cupboard 2's Curriculum, adding in letters, shapes and colors. Emma is 26 months old.

Bible Memory:
Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.


Literature:  (these we either had on hand or found at the library)
1) Bailey Goes Camping
cute little story about a youngest sibling that is too small to go camping, so mom and dad set up camping at home.
2) Shake My Sillies Out
a singing/song book by raffi!  the kids had fun shaking their sillies out.  ;)
3) When We Go Camping
This book was a little too long for Emma. (she's only 2) but big brother enjoyed it.  It's a cute non-fiction book about camping with hidden animals in the artwork.  cute!

We used the Ask Mr. Bear printables that Connor had last year, pulling out the sorting farm/forest animals so Emma could sort with me. 

She also sorted forest animal stickers, found at our $ store, by color.  I just drew colored boxes on a paper, told her to put all the colors in the boxes and away she went!

tot school

Emma is allowed some iPad time during the week.  Her app of choice this week was Candy Count - Learn Colors and Numbers.  I had downloaded this free app for her big brother, but she's the one that plays with it all the time.  It's a GREAT app for those early math skills.  Counting, sorting, order, ect.

Language Arts:

We added "Cc" to our chicka chicka tree.

She also did the do-a-dot "Cc" from Confessions of a Homeschooler, adding stickers to the dots while saying the C sound.

For the first time Emma requested to sit at big brothers computer area and play, so I set her up the fisher price game, Alphabet Zoo.  She was so happy and proud.  "Look mom!"  "Watch mom!"

Hand On Learning:

We made s'mores.  Twice actually.  They also pretended to roast marshmallows with a stick from the yard.

We set up a "tent" in the living room and she and big brother camped out all week.  We happened to be going through several totes of baby clothes in preparation for our new arrival.  We added a few blankets and "camp" was complete!

blanket tent

When they got hungry Emma fished for some food.  ;p

She also kept a look out for any creatures and beasts on our campsite.  ;)   (both were found at the dollar store in early summer)

for big brother (5K)(he tags along with her themes as she does his)

1) My Side of the Mountain - DVD
2) Caillou Goes Camping
3) Just Me and My Dad
4) Where Does Brown Bear Go
5) Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me
6) Henry the Castaway

He really loved "sharing" Emma's camping themed toys I pulled out this week (the binoculars and the magnifying glass)

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