Kindergarten Week 3 - Dinosaurs!! (part 1)

Dino Week

We've taken a break from our regular curriculum to learn about Connor's current passion.  Dinosaurs!  The kid lives and breathes dinos.  Every day, several times a day he is caught watching "Walking with Dinosaurs: A Natural History " on our netflix.  And playing dinosaurs.  And acting like a dinosaur.  So it was time we spent a week learning more.  ;)

We used the Creation Based Dinosaur Unit from Homeschool Share.

Each day we read from:

For day one we read about Creation and discussed what was made on each of the 6 days and discussed on what days the dinosaurs were made.  Connor colored a picture for his "flip flap book" from the Unit print out.

We read about lizards from our Ask Me Why: Which Lizard Disappears? book, because "dinosaur" means "terrible lizard".  After learning about lizards we did a failed attempt on a "lung" science experiment.  (our bottle was too weak to hold to the balloon).  But that's fine.  Connor had a great time role playing that he was a coldblooded lizard who needed to soak in the sun.

From the free Dino Dig Kindergarten Kit, from Homeschool Share, we did the maze and the dino graphing.  Connor has been asking for a few days now to do a "dice math" - as he calls it.  So add that with dino dice math.... he was one happy camper.  He cheered each dino on, to be nice, but kept saying he wanted the T-Rex to win the race to the top.  Which it did.

For extra we read a neat find from the library, D is for Dinosaur: A Prehistoric Alphabet.  Twice actually.  This book is neat in that you can read little extras as they get older.  Or, in my case, you can try to pronounce some of the dinos depicted in the drawing and then be corrected by your 5 year old on your pronunciation.  The sad part is he was right.  Even though I had the phonetic spelling right in front of me.

We also listened to a Buddy Davis song on YouTube, which Connor absolutely loved.

For day two we started our day with a dinosaur themed breakfast, french toast shaped dinosaurs!

Then we read Dinosaur bones by Bob Barner {I didn't really care for "Dinosaur Bones" - it was evolution based and not really easy flowing as it had two sets of text to read. It was awkward. Then it said that they died because of climate changes and they couldn't find food. Which really, even evolution based - the answer is unknown. I would have rather had a multiple possibility reason of extinction.}and Monster Bones: The Story of a Dinosaur Fossil (Science Works) by Jacqui Bailey.  {This book I really liked.  It starts out with a possible way a dino died, fossilized and was found, then takes you all the way through to the paleontologist cleaning up the fossil.  A really fun book!}

He then did a dino report from the unit study, choosing to paint a fossil Velociraptor after he colored the paper black.

Afterwards we mapped dinosaurs with the unit study printout and our floor map - to get a better visual of where the continents are.  He was super excited when we learned which ones were found in North America.  "MOM!  That's were WE live!!"

I made a random "dino bone" snack after raiding my pantry.  All I had that I thought would work were white chocolate chips (dino teeth) and graham crackers that I crushed for dirt.  He had fun with it though.

That's when I remembered the Kindergarten Dino kit that had a fossil dig - with words! (linked previously).  I buried the pipe cleaners in some old risotto rice we had.  Fitting as it was quite "dusty".  With rice dust, not house dust.  lol.

He gave a good sincere cheer when he was done with his dig.  We had so much fun with this.

For day 3 of our week we read If the Dinosaurs Came Back by Bernard Most.  This was humorous to read to Connor.  He couldn't appreciate the simple and colorful art.  He kept correcting what a t-rex was suppose to look like.  Then he informed me that the yellow swim creature (don't ask me the name) "was not a dinosaur, but lived at the same time."

We also read Prehistoric Actual Size by Steve Jenkins.  Connor had fun comparing himself to the creatures and talking about how he would not like to have lived at the same time.  lol.

For day four we talked about the diets of the dinosaurs.  Then we talked about adjectives - a completely new thing for Connor.  After a couple rounds of explaining he got the hang of it and we were able to label our dinos from the unit study print outs.  He had some pretty creative ones, I was impressed!

We also used the dino Kindergarten Kit again and he drew his pal Stegosaurus some plates.  Be sure you don't incorrectly call them spikes.  He'll be sure to correct you.  ;)

He partially did the word building in the Kindergarten Kit.  He was too busy telling me what he would do if he had a pet dinosaur and what one he would choose.

and that concludes week 1 of our 2 week dinosaur study!

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  1. That looks like a fun week! It looks like you did a great job with this theme and I am sure he enjoyed it and learnt loads because he lives dinosaurs.

  2. I think it is HI-LAR-I-OUS that your son could pronounce the Dinosaur names better than you- because that would probably happen to me, too! ;0)

    (Oh, and this is the first time I have visited your blog, and let me just say, I ADORE your top photo- so creative...and true-to-life!)

  3. I love how kids are so good with my names. My oldest loves dinosaurs and can say those names but other ones.

  4. Cute dinosaur food! I like the activity "digging for sight words" too. What a fun unit you put together for him :)

  5. Being able to follow you child's interests is one of the great aspects of homeschooling. :) love the mapping.


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