Kindergarten: Week 2

I was having a little malfunction with my camera this week so it's all iPhone photos.  But that's fine. It's sort of easier that way anyways.  ;)

As a recap, we're using Heart of DakotaLittle Hearts for His Glory this year.  For the most part Connor is liking it.  It's hard for him to pay attention with all the required reading with no pictures. 

For phonics we did one day with Hooked on Phonics.  Connor is quite far ahead of where the curriculum would place a typical Kindergartner.  I didn't want to move to fast thru it so I'm supplementing with things like Bob Books and printables from Walking by the Way, printables from Hubbard's Cupboard, and word ladders from last years Confessions of a Homeschooler curriculum we used.

He was really excited to be doing "letter school" again.  (this kid is SUCH a hands on learner!) He built some words on the ladder printout then made things on his own, like "Dog" and "Emma".

By Friday he was done with any and all school.  Until he found a worm to teach some phonics to.  He was SO excited for his little "student" to learn, and eagerly taught him how to cut and glue.


For science this week Connor went ahead and got his pediatrician's license.  No big deal.  ;)

When he was done with his daily rounds we talked about Noah and the flood.  He had me stop talking while he ran and get our rain stick so he could do the sound effects.

After reading about Noah and role playing for a bit I made up a bin of water and we made a foil boat to float our little plastic animals in.  He had SO much fun with this.  I also went and grabbed various things for him to guess if hey would sink or float.

He also role played an elephant, using the hose from his toy vacuum.


We read Cain and Abel : Finding the Fruits of Peace then did a suggested craft (from the curriculum)
of coloring heavily then coloring over with black to represent sin.  After it was all blacked out I gave Connor a bamboo skewer to scratch out a heart then decorate it anyway he wanted.  This was a really neat activity to see him do.  He was really concerned and wrote "God" in the heart and said he didn't want black on his heart, that he chooses God.

Another "art" he did (which was more language arts) was he drew Reddy Fox after filling in his sentence I wrote "____ can ____ but Reddy can't!"

For math we just did the workbook and we do a daily calendar binder notebook.  He learns to put things in 1s and 10s column, makes the date with tally's and writes the actual date as well as graphs the weather.

Free Play/Role Play:

This week in the early morning he would choose to either watch "Walking with Dinosaurs" on the Netflix or he would play games from PBS Dinosaur Train.

And of course it's no surprise that at free times, and even during school, he could be found role playing.  Either dinosaurs, pirates or a doctor this week.

"Mom, I have a gun and a sword in my pants but I covered them with my shirt so that
 the enemy armies can't see them. We don't want the enemy armies to see my weapons."

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  1. great learning post! I enjoyed reading it! Feel free to link it up @ Learn + Link! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Love the cute elephant activity :) .... very creative!


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