Kindergarten: Week 1

This week we started our first official week of school for the year.  I opted to start early to get in a few weeks before we take a big break for baby.

Our summer was filled with lots of beach trips, camping, meeting Spiderman, riding Thomas the Tank Engine and many trips to various parks and splash pads, and several trips to the museum.  I'm sure we'll still squeeze in a few summer things before the season is up.

Highlights of our first week:

This year I used a cute pinterest idea for documenting his first day.

Our science this week involved water and talking about how it is shapeless.  He had various containers to pour the water in to see how it took the shape of whatever held it.  Near the end I said, "I wonder if it will take the shape of..... a boy!!"  He giggled then quickly took a sip.

Little sister is doing a completely different curriculum and I knew that he'd love her themes so I made plans to include him in things, picking out books and activities age appropriate more to him than a 2 year old.  Her theme was Ocean/Beach so I read Connor "All Those Secrets of the World " and then did a cute activity I seen on Delightful Learning.  Connor loved this. 

One part of each day with our curriculum is to sing a rhyme.  I had found a cute World Foam Map Puzzle and we used that during our rhyme time to have a visual of the countries we sang about, and Connor would do all the actions of the animals.  This was one of his favorites each day.  He's very hands on learning.

another "hands on" activity we did with the curriculum - talking about who lives on the land vs the ocean.  It starts out where he is suppose to stomp or swim to the appropriate color paper, but he twisted it into his own thing of using all his toys.  I tried tricking him twice.  Once by asking him where Sponge Bob lives.  (we don't even watch that cartoon).  He replied "In a pineapple under the sea!!"  lol!!  Then I asked where a penguin lives.  He thought a bit then replied "In the ocean and on the land!"  What a smart cookie.  ;)

I think it is safe to say this (below) was his all time favorite thing this week.  I remembered seeing something about using ooze to talk about how in the beginning the world was shapeless.  Like a blob of water floating in space until God separated the waters from the sky and so on.  But I couldn't find where that link was.  So I just made it and went with the flow.  He loved this.  He talked non-stop the entire time.  One of my favorites was, "mom! My spider sense isn't even working!" (that would be the lower right pic)

And, that was our week!  =]



  1. Popping in from Preschool Corner. Our kids are similar ages and I really enjoyed all of the fun things you did with them this week, especially the "ooze" project.

    1. thank you =] that ooze was certainly a favorite. lol.

  2. Looks like so much! Love the "shape of a boy" water...hehe! Thanks for linking up and sharing. Tomorrow, I will have the next linky up :)


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