prek: week 35 - Peacemaker

Bible verse: "A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger" Proverbs 15:1

Character Trait:  Peacemaker

 First this week (after the daily singing and calendar things) we read The Listening Walk by Paul Showers.  Connor loved this book.  He giggled at all the sounds made throughout the book.  While this wasn't really about being a "Peacemaker" I chose it because it's about being peaceful.  It talks about being quiet on a walk and then you can hear all kinds of things, loud and quiet.

We then read "What's Inside:  Neighborhood" a lucky find I got from the library while trying to find the other ones I was there for.  It talks about a few things you can find in a city/town and I added on asking him what noises he might hear at each location and whether they would be loud or quiet places to be.

Then I cut out a printout from KizClub, "In the town", and pasted it onto cereal boxes I had dug out from the recycle bin.  He was so pleased with this simple little thing.  He ran and got out some cars and drove them all (noisily) through the town, stating he likes to be loud, not quiet.  It was wishful thinking that the lesson of being peaceful would sink in.  lol.

We (finally) hit our 100 mark this week.  I'm sure we hit it a long time ago, but we didn't always chart the days.  Whoops.  Anyways, we "officially" hit it on our chart so we celebrated a little bit.

We made a 100 day snack.  I didn't plan well for this so I just had to grab random edible things from the pantry.  10 of each that he had to count (by 10s of course) to 100.

For writing practice he drew pictures and "wrote" a letter, by his choice, to a person that in his words "is angry and won't forgive mommy and dady" and that he "misses very much".  What a great way to be a peacemaker!  It was actually very sweet and heartbreaking.  It was a picture of the two people and him all holding hands and visiting with him and telling them how much they love him and they're sorry for hurting his feelings.  He has such a big heart.

Connor (like most little boys) likes to "fight" and "battle" and act out good vs bad.  Cain & Abel was the perfect book to read about what could happen if you act out on your anger and fight instead of being a peacemaker and 'do the right thing'.  He really liked the story and thumbed through it often during the week.  It is a bit of a heavy book, talking about the how Cain killed his brother Abel and what followed that event.  But I was okay with it, as it talked about it in an appropriate way for a 5 year old.  Plus he loves to watch Transformers, so what's more appropriate, a true story of two angry brothers or a fictional battle of alien robots?

At bedtime he was read "Angry", which is another good book talking about right vs wrong ways to deal with anger.

other great books we read this week:

Social Studies Theme: Family

loud vs soft sounds: from KizClub (also printed "In the town")
Hubbard's Cupboard: 4's curriculum week 8, "Peacemaker"
Raising Rockstars Preschool: letter Aa ("A soft answer turns away wrath")
Dove craft


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