preK: week 25

Character Trait: Compassionate
Bible Story: the good Samaritan, from My First Hands-On Bible
Science/Social Studies theme: Helping
Letter focus: Uu
Sight Word Focus: he/she
Word Family Blend: review
go-along book:  Aesop's Fables:  The Lion and the Mouse

We took an impromptu 2 week break.  Lots of colds, coughs and a nasty bout of food poisoning courtesy of a famous fast food chain that sells tacos and burritos.  Fun times, let me tell ya.  Luckily it was just me that ate from there. 

Then the following week was me developing extreme tiredness and nausea.  I found out on my birthday, of all days, that we'll be adding to our family in late Sept / early Oct!  This one took us by surprise.  Totally unexpected as in the past I struggled with infertility with both Connor and Emma.  I think a combination of my ovaries not releasing an egg each cycle and thyroid/hormone issues.  Anywho...  surprise! 

I'm not sure how I'm going to handle either homeschooling next year or sending Connor to school.  Each one poses it's own concerns as I'll be having a c-section and need a lot of recovery time.  (Connor wouldn't qualify for a school bus so I would have to walk 2 miles to pick up/drop off - not possible after a surgery!)  How do others handle homeschooling with a newborn and a recovery of surgery??

So anyways, on to our mild week this week.  We focused on being compassionate.  I had found a Aesop's Fable book at our local dollar store and grabbed it up right away.  I'm glad I did because we used it for the first time this week!

We made both a mouse craft and a lion craft then role played the Lion and Mouse fable many many times.  Connor loves to role play.  Obviously.

There's this website where you can watch a cute animated version of fables.  Connor liked it enough to watch it several times.

We also have an app on our iPad called Wild Fables.  It's a free download and we've had it for awhile.  It's a favorite of Connor's.  It's an interactive book with several free fables.  The Lion/Mouse one cost $0.99, so I went ahead and purchased it for him.  We played with that for quite a long time.

Apart from the fable we recently purchased the Preschool Prep DVDs, and watched the Sight Word one several times this week - upon Connor's request.  He was excited to point out which one was our sight word for the week when it came on the screen.

That's basically the run down of our week.  Other things we did just included the boring practicing of writing the letter of the week (Uu), which we still need to work on as all Connor's "U's" looked like "V's".  =]

Oh, and my "baby" is now 5!

additional links:
kidzclub has and animated story of the Mouse and the Lion

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