preK: week 22

Character Trait: Generous
Bible Story: the good Samaritan, from My First Hands-On Bible
Science/Social Studies theme: Helping
Letter focus: Ee
Sight Word Focus: give
Word Family Blend: -op
go-along book:  The Rainbow Fish ; Five Little Firefighters

Sometimes.... Connor's ideas are better than mine.  Sometimes.  ;)

I've tossed out any "official" school work for him, and we're just focusing on role play and fun!  The only thing we do that's not 'role play' is our calendar, weather, character trait and letter review

We were reviewing "E" is for emergency.  Several times this week Connor got right into acting out emergencies, then he went and found a forgotten book:  Five Little Firefighters.  We read that book every day this week and acted out the story several times a day.

For our character trait (generous) we read The Rainbow Fish, everyday.  Emma even joined in on story time everyday and I was surprised she sat through the whole Rainbow Fish book.  It's a little long for a 1 year old!

We did several crafts to go along.

We made a "mind jar", which I made blue.  Like the ocean.  haha.

We did fish template I found at DLTK's Growing Together.  For this Connor put tissue paper on the fish then we squirted it with water.  After it was mostly dry we peeled of the tissue and glued the fish to "the ocean".

The next day we took another fish idea for DLTK's Growing Together and colored a coffee filter with marker... and sprayed with water again.  I chose to do this because we had so much fun the day before with the spray.  =]

I was going through a lot of our craft supplies, cleaning up and organizing, when I found a forgotten piece of bubble wrap.  So I had Connor paint with the bubble wrap and we used that for the backdrop to the coffee filter fish.

I made a new sensory bin for February.  Connor was SO excited about this.  He found balloons and stamps, suckers and "treasures" (what he called the glass beads).  This day made me so glad we homeschool.  He was so happy and excited for this silly little box of odds and ends.  Saying over and over again, "Mom!!  Is it Valentines!?  Did you make this for me!?"

Watching his excitement for something so small was such a joy.

What I didn't get pictures of is him actually doing a whole pack of worksheets.  He asked for one after the other, "What's next!?"  It was fireman themed.  lol.

I hadn't originally planned on worksheets because he has been hating them, but when he was so into the fireman thing I remembered these and took a chance at printing them.  You can find them at Homeschool Creations.  They're adorable!!

additional links:
kidzclub has free printable story props and a very cute rainbow fish craft

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  1. If I didn't love anything else about your blog but your amazing cover photo that I fully relate to, that would be enough. But your posts are great also, the mind jar and fish are really great projects!


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