Visiting the North Pole and Michigan

We've been missing from the blogging world.  Life, holidays, and school took over.  And life with school during the holidays took over.  Which left no room for reading or writing blogs.

However..... we did take time to drive to the north pole.

Some how, somewhere in the 6 weeks we've been missing from blog world and with the drive to the North Pole, we've completed 4 weeks of school.  That left 2 weeks of glorious vacation!  1 of which was spent at a cottage on a river in Michigan, savoring every last second with family.  Four of those family members we haven't seen in over 2 years.

It's funny how family can drive you crazy, but yet, when you're apart for so long.... you start to feel just a little bit lost.  Or at least I did.  Maybe lost isn't the right word.  I started to feel like I didn't fit in anywhere.  I started to feel like the odd {wo}man out.  My quirks and my kid's quirks didn't fit in anywhere.  You start to feel weird.  You're sense of humor doesn't fit quite right.  The way you dress, the way you talk.  A big part of what makes you you.  You miss home.

Then you're all thrown back in under one roof and it all clicks.  You see your kids' quirks in your nieces and nephew and you make jokes with your siblings that don't fall to the floor with an echoing thud.

You make a silly comment to your nephew and he giggles to his sister that that is something his Daddy would say.  And all the world seems right.

Until your routine and all their routines start to clash. Your way and their way don't quite match up, because while you're so very alike, you are also so very different.  You start to miss home.  Your other home.  Your new home.

Ah life.  Sweet sweet life.  lol.



  1. I miss you guys so hard. And welcome back to blogville. I'm back, too! One of my resolutions is to blog once a day, if possible, but never longer than three days without a new post.

  2. Well said Debbie, well said. :)


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