preK: week 21

Character Trait: Joyful
Bible Story: Paul in jail, from My First Hands-On Bible
Science/Social Studies theme: Winter
Letter focus: Bb
Sight Word Focus: said
Word Family Blend: review
B4FIAR book: Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

This week I pretty much reverted back to my style of teaching from last year - which was just learning from play.  This year I had gotten too caught up in traditional 'worksheet' type school and Connor lost all interest.

Connor is very smart for his age, so I think that caused me to think he'd be ready for a more formal school.  Note to self:  he is smart, but he is still 4.  Because he mentally *can* do it, doesn't mean he's emotionally or physcially ready.  Good grief the wiggle worms this kid has! ha!

It's kind of ironic... I wanted to keep him home (partly) because I believe it's unfair to make 4 and 5 year olds sit still for so long, especially for boys.  Then.... that's exactly what I found myself doing.  Trying to get him to sit still. 

So.  This week we did no 'extra' that he didn't want to do, and we didn't sit at the table other than to eat.

We read Jesse Bear everyday and did most of the things suggested in the b4fiar guide.   In addition, Connor wanted to do the measuring and the rhyming printouts from homeschool creations that went along with our book.

For "art" I got out some forgotten homemade paint I made a while back and let Connor squirt it on many many papers.  I think he did 6.

I went along with Connor's want to play with his transformers and turned it into a game of sorting, tallest to shortest.

For confidence I gently persuaded him to 'read' to his sister.  At first he tried to tell me he couldn't.  He was so proud when he realized he could, and he's done it several times through out the week now.

A book I liked more than the Jesse Bear, for our "joyful" week was a long forgotten childhood favorite of mine, Snow .

Love love love this book!

Hubbard's Cupboard
Confessions of a Homeschooler (k4)
Homeschool Creations: Jesse Bear


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  1. Beautiful picture of him reading to her! Love it!


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