preK: week 20

Character Trait: Modest
Bible Story: Ruth, from My First Hands-On Bible
Science/Social Studies theme: Winter
Letter focus: Review
Sight Word Focus: for
Word Family Blend: review
B4FIAR book: The Snowy Day

We're still struggling with burn out.  Mostly just Connor now.  He wants nothing to do with school, which is frustrating.  I have to keep reminding myself he is only 4 and to not push him.  Especially being one of the many reasons I chose to homeschool is so he wouldn't be pushed to sit for long periods doing 'boring worksheets' at the age of 4.

So, we've gotten creative.  I have tons of things I could have been using around the house, but it always escapes my mind when we're immersed in our day.  There's educational online games.  We have educational ipad apps.  We have a leap pad.  We have have educational dvds.  We have role play, arts, crafts and on and on. 

To start the week, after listening to Connor whine yet again to not do school, I gave him a new paint with water book I found at the $ store.  It was right up his alley, x-men!!  He was so excited he painted the entire book.  It never crossed my mind that he would love it that much and that I then wouldn't have that "art" to do any other day of the week.  lol.

He loved it so much he started to cry after they were all done, wanting to continue to paint.  So out came the water paints.

He painted 6 pages.

Then he dictated a story for me to write on those 6 pages.

It is a story of a "bear" (the paint brush) who "walked along" and had many mishaps along the way, like falling into a swamp.

I had to use my creative juices almost everyday of the week to get him to do something, anything, in the way of "school".  One time it was color snowflakes with my markers.

Which, as it turns now, is a horrible idea.  My table is now permanently stained with a 4 year olds writing of his name.  Not on purpose.  It leaked through the paper.

We switched to highlighters and glitter glue to finish the snowflakes.

He liked reading "The Snowy Day" each day, and liked finding the shapes in the book and around the house, but couldn't be bother to trace the words or even trace the shapes.  So I had him traces the "faces".  He loved that.  ha! (pictured above)

It also helped to allow him one morning of hiding under the couch, watching Netflix.  Then, it also helped to pull out a dry erase board from Hooked On Phonics.  He hasn't seen that in over a year.  I didn't even ask him to trace, he begged too.

Two of the four days were "Daddy school" days, and that helped greatly with Connor's attitude towards school.  Until he realized it was still a lot like "mommy school".  lol.

We had another paint day, where Emma swiped Connor's stuff and he very patiently waited for me to gather him more papers.  As a bonus... it finally started to snow outside!

To end our week of "The Snowy Day" .... we went out and had "the snowy night".

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  1. I'm visiting from Preschool Corner. It's hard to remind ourselves that even though their brain can do the work, their heart and bodies don't want to. I am definitely a "play-based learning" mom, and we don't do any formal lessons, worksheets, or curriculum at this age. We do a lot of painting too, and my 5 year old loved The Snowy Day last week!


  2. Stopping bye from Preschool Corner! Thanks for sharing! And I understand about burnout-- dosen't help with the winter weather we are in, either.... I find myself reminding me it's okay not to fill up our days with school, school, school... it's just hard when we are home all day long, everyone gets tired and if you don't do something-- the house becomes a disaster!


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