preK: week 18

Character Trait: Review
Bible Story:  Review
Science/Social Studies theme: Winter
Letter focus:  Dd
Sight Word Focus: do
Word Family Blend: review
reading:  we read books about snow, and the "how do dinosaurs ..." books

I am so behind on keeping up with blogging about school.  ugh.

The first week back after Christmas break we took it easy.  It was review week. 

Connor (and I guess me too) has been feeling burnt out on school.  This happened about the same time last year too.   I haven't been able to get him excited for school in several weeks.  However.... on Monday, Daddy was still on 'vacation' from work.  Connor was excited to have "daddy school".   The change perked him up nicely and he had so much fun.

(add it! from confessions of a homeschool)

For the remainder of the week I pulled out some old things from last years "D" week that Connor had absolutely loved then.  He still loved it this time around.

I'm a little embarrassed to share, but I also think it's hilarious, the things that motivate kids to learn. 

Okay.  So this week was "D" review week.  D is for dinos, right?  Well... last year I couldn't think of any math manipulative for him to count until I seen the chocolate chips in the pantry.  Connor loves chocolate.  He loves dinos.  So.... we counted "dino poo".  Since he loved it so much last year we did it again this year.  Nothing like a little "dino poo" to perk you up and get you out of the school time blues.

Also.... Connor has a serious love for skeletons.  So when I found this toy dino skeletons at the dollar store, I had to get them.  He was so very excited.

This week, we also melted broken crayons to make 'new' crayons. 

Both kids loved the "new" crayons.

Then, we had many, many, many lessons on sharing when I brought out our simple sensory bin for January.

Funny how much fighting can happen over a few cotton balls.  Who knew.

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  1. Dino Poop! Love it! I will have to remember that when we come around to Letter D next year. I have two boys who would surely love the idea.
    ...not surprised about a fight over cotton balls - mine will fight over anything, even a piece of string. Seriously. And that was just today. lol


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