preK: week 19

Character Trait: Prayerful
Bible Story: Jesus teaching the Lord's Prayer, from The Jesus Storybook Bible
Science/Social Studies theme: Winter
Letter focus: Review of Dd & Rr
Sight Word Focus: was
Word Family Blend: review
B4FIAR bookPrayer for a Child

After our 'dailies' (like calendar time) Connor began his week with choosing people he wanted to pray for.   Whenever he prays he almost always includes mom, dad and sister .... awww!  He also always remembers our Pastor.  How cute!  I love that Connor loves him so much.  As a child I was always shy of Pastors.

I have started to include Emma in our homeschool.  While Connor colored his praying hands I opened up Emma's little book, My ABC Bible/My ABC Prayers, to read her the "Rr" page.  It made me laugh, because it was currently raining outside.  In January.

We made a "prayer necklace" with pretzels.  Connor really loved his edible necklace.  lol.  He would ask for each pretzel, "Can I eat it!?"

We did many of the printables from Homeschool Creations, for Prayer for a Child.  One sheet in particular I loved watching Connor put together.  It was the last sheet we did for the week, "what I'm thankful for".  Connor was to choose the things he was thankful for, cut them out, and paste it in the box.  He looked the choices over, found one he liked then proceeded to cut it out.  Then he held the picture in his little hands and stared at it for at least a whole 5 minutes.  His first choice?  Grandpa.

I had so much fun watching him carefully choose what he was going to be thankful for.  He'd pause and excitedly say something about each one.  Like the leaves picture, "Mom!  Do remember when we jumped in the leaves with .... " and he went on to tell me all about the time we had Thanksgiving at Aunt Sue's.

On thing I couldn't understand was that he cut out the book picture and set it aside, loudly declaring he was not thankful for books.  ha!  From the boy that loves books!  Maybe he was thinking school books, I don't know.  lol. 

In the end, all pictures made it onto his "thankful" page, including the books.

More fun:

left: he got confused with his maze and I showed him the right way; middle:  "Mom, this is the best snack I've ever had!!"; right:  geoboard free play


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