Kindergarten Week 13 {LHFHG Unit 11}

We're using Heart of Dakota: Little Hearts for His Glory.

Here are some highlights from our week:


We pulled out our pumpkin puzzle from last year and assembled that.

For Connor's curriculum math we were talking about balancing.  We didn't have a balance scale so we used baggies filled with various pantry items and he guessed which was heavier/lighter.  He really like this.  Especially since there were marshmallows involved.  ;)

Thinking Skill/Role Play:

Connor's curriculum goes in cronological order for history.  So we were talking about Christmas {birth of Christ} a week before Thanksgiving. 

He built the manger out of blocks.

We also purchased a Playmobil Nativity Scene along with the Playmobil Three Wise Kings.  Both kids love them!!


We use A Reason For Handwriting.  Usually Connor {like most kids} doesn't want to practice his handwriting.  But there's always a cute animal page on the back that we turn into a little game.  I'll read it without the first letter, "Connor!  Guana wants you to color him!", then he'll laugh, fill in the "I" and ask me to read it again.

Physical Education:

Connor begged to go on my interval training, for 5K, with me.  Since I was just beginning I agreed thinking he'd never bother me again about it.  Boy was I wrong!  He loved it.  lol.  But of course I couldn't have him with me on the longer runs so we made a bargain - he learns to ride his bike and he can come again.

Pumpkin PreK Pack from 1+1+1=1
StickFiggy's The First Thanksgiving at Meme Tales
This Is America Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers

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{Tot School} Christmas

Emma is 29 months old.

Bible Memory:
Luke 2:11  Today in the town of David, a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.

The Rhyme Bible Storybook for Toddlers p. 130-39



"Reading" her book from 1+1+1=1, Animals With Baby Jesus.


We did a variation of this Christmas tree craft.  Instead of pom poms, Emma glued on jewels.
via Pinterest


She sorted and glued people vs animals from 1+1+1=1's Nativity Pack.


She loved this bin.  But I ended up pulling out all the bits and pieces because she only wanted to play with the fake snow.

Fine Motor Skills:

Again from the Nativity Pack, she traced lines - her request!  I ended up putting them in page protectors so she could do the pages over and over again.

Also her request, she practiced cutting skills by cutting up old foam squares we had from a calendar I didn't like.  She absolutely loved this, saying "one more time!" each time.  lol.


Playmobil Nativity Scene and Three Wise Kings sets .

Additional Resources:
Truth in the Tinsel
Nativity Puppet Theatre
Christmas Tot Kit from Lawteedah
Jesus Cut and Paste from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Nativity Printables from 1+1+1=1
Just Color
Christmas Printables from Gift of Curiosity

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Kindergarten Week 12 {LHFHG Unit 10}

We're using Heart of Dakota: Little Hearts for His Glory.

Here are some highlights from our week:


We did extra work this week, outside of the curriculum.  Connor is often really interested in the topics little sister is learning so I include him, but in a bigger way, of course.  This week Emma was learning about the 5 senses so I planned a few big boy things to go along.  We read Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? and The Listening Walk, then did a Onomatopoeia weather craft.  I don't often find things that Connor really struggles with and this he did.  He had a hard time figuring out how to voice the sounds things make, like rain.  So we got out the rain stick to try to help.  Once it was all done he was so proud!

For the curriculum we were reading about the fiery furnace and did a painting; the 3 men plus 1 angel.  He was suppose to use red paint and yellow paint, but he wanted to know what color it mixed into so he stirred it up - a good side lesson!

Language Arts/Phonics:

We were gifted a Scooby-Doo Phonics Box Set and both kids really enjoy it.  I pointed out to Connor that he can now read on his own and he was even more delighted!  Poor kid didn't realize it, lol!  He was happy to read one to his little sister.

We use Hooked On Phonics for our main phonics program.  Connor grumbles through reading the "boring" parts, but loves the little books and games.

He wasn't into playing this 'pile up' game until I told him he couldn't beat me and win all the cards.  (you win by reading them correctly).  My reverse psychology worked perfectly and he thought it was hilarious he won all the cards from me, leaving me with nothing.

extra reading:

Connor really loved these books.  He loved the tactile sense of The Black Book of Colors. This book is really really neat - it is all black and has braille and raised artwork.  The Five Senses he loved the pop ups and the little mouse catching game inside.  Then of course he loved the scratch and sniff stickers of II Smell a Rat.


I printed off a free weather sheet from Teachers pay Teachers - a color by addition.  He wasn't interested until I pulled out the links and had him add up problems using those.

Counting how many hands across our door is.  He really loved these hands on (forgive the pun) measuring.

Thinking Game:

We learned about camouflage.  I thought he wouldn't understand or would struggle.  Not at all!  He ran right over to his brother and showed how well he blended in.

Role Play:

He spontaneously put on a magic show.

He also "hunted" for the family.  Apparently you need wings for that.

Connor:  "First, I'm going to take a photo of the animals.
Then, I'm going to kill them.  If I die, I won't come back."

He went to the awesome free workshops at Home Depot and made a frame for his room.

And that wraps up our week review, in pictures. Of course there's a ton more we did, but I can't photograph every detail. ;)

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