preK: week 13

Character Trait:  Forgiving
Bible Story:  Joseph forgives his brothers; The Prodigal Son (father forgives son)
Science/Social Studies theme:  Family
Letter focus:  Gg
Sight Word Focus:  Love/s
Word Family Blend:  review of -am, -ap, -at, -an, -in, -it
readingMost of All, Jesus Loves You!; I'll Love You Anyway and Always

Since we're still relatively new to this we had a few new books this week arrive in the mail, just on time. 

We have a huge children's library, which I took the time this summer to catalog on Library Thing.  We had nothing I could think of to use for our theme of forgiveness.  So we ordered two new books!  Connor loved the "most of all" book.  And I loved that it said "love" a whole lot - our sight word this week!  lol.

Also... I have to admit that I have an issue with children's bible.  We now have a total of 7.  I can't seem to find on that I just love.  I like certain things about the one's we have, but they never seem to be enough.  So.  I ordered (sorry hubby!) yet another bible.  My First Hands-On Bible.

When it arrived I opened it up right away and turned to the story of Joseph and read that with Connor.  He loved the activities and such.  So much so that he begged to read more.  So the next day we read about the prodigal son.  The activity for that story was to act out the son coming home.  Now, this role play is right up Connor's ally, so to speak.  The kid is always, always, in character form.  In fact, as I type this, he is "grandpa".  We did this father/son role playing no less than 10 times.  I think we found a winner bible.

Language Arts:

We did a color by number of our sight word.  Connor did really well with word ladders, but this week got quickly bored of it, so we only reviewed one.  Another day he did a cut/glue/write for his sight words.  Then he did "kid writing", choosing to draw Joseph and writing "Joseph is mad".


Connor is progressing so nicely with finding missing numbers.  He struggled with this activity for several weeks, so he was pleased to do it all on his own this week. 


Lots of fun this week!

We made a color coat for Joseph.  Another day we stamped hearts on a cross that said "It is good to forgive".  We also made a pipe cleaner Joseph that Connor really enjoyed.  "Can I keep him, mom!?"

Connor's favorite was my least favorite.  lol.  Both kids love the alphabet floor puzzle, but we don't get it out often since it's a nightmare for momma.  Slippery on the floor, and a huge pain to pick up all the pieces.  But we I ignored the negatives and pulled it out for some fun alphabet review.  Hours of fun for both kids!

We made a mess one day with food coloring and shaving cream.  Connor drops colors on top, then swirled them with a fork.  We carefully placed a paper on top then scraped off extra cream from the paper.  My hands are still stained from this.  ha!  Luckily, that's all that's stained. Connor enjoyed it, and did 3 papers, but then quickly moved on to 'shave' his face with the can I let him have.  He has a kids pretend shave kit that he insists on using everyday to get the hair off his face.  He cracks me up.

Once dry we are cutting out coat shapes.

And, that was our week!

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  1. I love the shaving cream idea. It's definitely on my list of things to do this next week. I admit I'm a little bit reserved on the messier activities. I need to just get over the idea of it will be messy and let the kids have fun. I've learned the messier it is the funner the kids have.

    Veronica @

  2. What a fun week! Love Joseph's colorful coat & the fun with shaving cream! I am your newest follower! I'd love for you to follow me back, if you want to. I'd also love for you to come link up at TGIF Linky Party - or enter to get one of my first ever guest posts that I'm offering up during the month of December.
    Beth =-)


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