preK: week 11

Character Trait:  Content
Bible Story:  The Prodigal Son
Science/Social Studies theme:  Thanksgiving, Rabbits
Letter review:  Hh
reading:  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
b4FIARThe Runaway Bunny

This week.... I homeschooled a scurvy pirate.  Even pirates need an education.  At least that's what I told this pirate.  School, or ye be walkin the plank, savvy?

After a duel with a foam sword, we read The Runaway Bunny.  We did a few things from the lap book, printed from Homeschool Share.

We had a snack of a carrot, which surprising enough Connor was very excited about. 

The rest of the carrots were made into Carrot Walnut muffins.  They aren't sweet at all, but Connor LOVED them. 

I went out on a limb this week and purchased our first fold&learn from FIAR to go along with our bunny book.  I'm going to be honest here....  I don't want to knock FIAR, because I like our curriculum... but I was disappointed with this particular purchase.  The main thing is, the mask was surrounded by a background of black.  That's a whole lot of ink to print just to cut off and throw away.  And the price wasn't to my liking.  The rest isn't really their fault.  The recipe was okay, but I used a different one, with no sugar or coconut.  I'm allergic to coconut.  The sugar is just a personal choice.  The matching cards were cute, and he liked those.... the finger play/poem was cute, but I just got a blank stare when I did the poem/actions.  Again, not the fault of the set, just not his thing.  I dunno.   It was a nice set, but I'm not sure if worth the $9.  Maybe if I had a bunch of kids using it, the price wouldn't be disappointing me so much.  Update:  fold&learns are now free for FIAR email subscribers.  So this isn't really an issue for pricing anymore.

Anywho.  He did enjoy the mask, and we did lots of roll playing with that.

We played the matching game from the homeschool share set, he liked that.  Until he lost the game.  It's a hard lesson to learn, of every young child.  lol. I even tried going really slow and repeating several times the name of the card I turned over. 

Connor went on a "H" hunt and came back to me with two hats on his head.

We made a beaded necklace after talking about our bible story.  It read "Thank You God".  He was really proud of it, but upset it had to be tied into a necklace, not left straight to be a 'train'.  Looking back I should have just tied off both ends and left it straight for him.

I cut out pictures from a magazine of things we want vs things we need and had Connor sort them.  (to further talk about our character trait, Content).  He did pretty good at that!  I was surprised he actually understood the difference. 

Afterwards he had free play, where he made a "robot" using a part of a foam floor mat and Emma's shape sorter.  I didn't see what he saw until I took the photo.  It DOES look like a robot face. 

Next we had a very rare quiet moment where the two siblings sat (or stood in Emma's case) and watched a show together.  It was Blue's Clues on Netflix.  They usually don't sit still for an entire show.

Connor loved this week's puzzle (from Confessions of a Homeschooler), numbers 40-50.  I think he liked the challenge of unfamiliar numbers.  He also was really looking forward to his Kumon cutout this week.  Two sandwiches.  He reminded me that he didn't like tomatoes, and kindly told me I could 'eat' that one and he would have the cheese one.

Every day he circles a pattern for his calendar.  This month is a ABB pattern.

I combined his KidWriting with his lesson from Hubbard's Cupboard where he was to draw something to fill in the blank, "I like the _____ that God made".   He drew a cat, dog, and I'm not sure what the green thing is.  lol.

We are putting together an alphabet book that I plan on getting bound at a store.  He loves the show "Madagascar" and was happy to make "Gloria" this week (a hippo).  He informed me we have to be sure to make all the other characters too, when we get to those letters.

A momma favorite from this week:

It was snowing.  Just barely.  Connor was beyond excited and picked up Emma and carry/walked her over to show her the snow, excitedly saying, "Emma!  It's snowing!  See, Emma?  Snow!!"

I about died of cuteness overload.  He was so excited and wanted to share the excitement with her too.  awwww!

Hubbard's Cupboard
Confessions of a Homeschooler
Homeschool Share


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