pre-K: week 10

Character Trait:  Review
Bible Stories:  Review
Science/Social Studies theme:  Fall, Leaves
Letter review:  Ii


I, one whom normally is a photoholic, didn't take many photos this week.  That involved homeschooling at least.

It was another review week.  We took a break from b4FIAR, but we did read fall books every day.  Our favorite was Autumn leaves are falling.  Connor giggled and smiled during the entire reading, every day.

On Monday (Halloween) we made Halloween cookie cutouts.  Connor had so much fun helping to cut out the dough, and even more fun taste testing the dough then the cookies (cooked).  I pulled them out of the oven and he declared that they were "too scary and should be gobbled up right away".

This recipe is the BEST recipe I've tasted for cookie cutouts, so I'm going to share the link.  And guys?  I found them in the "light and tasty" section of my better home and gardens cook book.  I promise you you won't even need to frost these, they are so good on their own.  Best cookies ever.

Anywho, back to homeschooling.

To highlight the "fun" things we did this week....  I sent Connor out once each morning to pick some leaves off the ground.  One day we talked about the differences, the next day we did a leaf rubbing.  I was way more in to that than he was, sadly.  I thought he'd be humored the leaf showed up when he colored, but he wasn't impressed.  lol.

But today, he was happy with our art lesson.  We traced his arm and hand to make a tree, then cut/pasted it to another paper.  Then took paint and dripped it onto the "branches".  Next we took a wax paper piece and smooshed the paint, gently.  He was sooo excited about it all. 

Emma on the other hand was SO mad we wouldn't let her smear her little hands all around in the paint, so I set her up with an art craft too.  5 seconds later she was done.  Typical of a 16 month old, right?

Connor wanted to free play after that, and he chose to color and cut out his creations.  He looked up to see Emma had painted herself a mustache, so he gave himself one too.

My favorite this week?  This:


  1. I love your sons "O"s in his note. They are adorable and so consistent!! What a precious keepsake! I'd love for you to link up at my TGIF Linky Party -
    Beth =-)

  2. I'll have to try the cookie recipe.


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