preK: week 12

Character Trait:  Servant Hearted
Bible Story:  Rebbecca watering camels, Jesus washing disciple's feet
Science/Social Studies theme:  Thanksgiving, Camels, Rabbits
Letter review:  Review of Hh and Ii
b4FIARThe Little Rabbit
extra readingThe Little Red Hen

This week we talked about being servant hearted, and what that meant.  We read and watched a short DVD clip about Rebbecca giving water to camels.

We made a puppet camel and pretended to serve it water.  Then we used a little plastic camel and gave that water.  Next, Connor decided to shove a pillow up his back and role play as a camel.  I, of course, was Rebbecca, so I gave him a glass of water.   lol.

I cut out cutlery for Connor out of construction paper and he learned how to set a table.  He actually really liked this activity.

Some math activities we did:

Domino Math.  Connor LOVED this activity, and even more loved free playing with them afterwards.

We fed a bunny carrots, then I had Connor make a pattern with the carrots.

Later, we got out the pattern blocks and he made a couple sets of those.

We cut out hands to glue on a plate, for "serving", then I had Connor make up a pattern around the edge of the plate.  We used foot and hand paper punch outs and glued them on.

We worked on phonics and spelling with our "I can spell".

Connor loved playing the "word swat" game.  I called out words and he would swat them.

This week we hit FIFTY days of school!!  Yay!  Half way there!!





  1. Hi. I am visiting from Preschool Corner. I love how you shared your subjects, Bible story and character trait in your post. Looks like a fun week!

  2. Busy week indeed. Love all the camel play. Thanks for sharing love all the picks this week (found you on Preschool corner, this is my second visit to your blog I'll be sure to check back in future weeks too).

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. I love the swat the words game. Very creative. You are very well organized to get all this accomplished. looks like what we like to do.
    We'd love to have you stop by and visit us


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