pre-k: week 9

Character Trait:  Review
Bible Stories:  Review
Science/Social Studies theme:  Halloween, pumpkins, skeletons (Connor's idea), spiders
Letter review:  review
nursery rhyme/song:  Itsy Bitsy Spider and Little Miss Muffet



One of Connor's favorite things this week was an impromptu print out of nursery rhymes.  We were reciting and role playing 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' and 'Little Miss Muffet' when I remembered KizClub and went to print out these adorable props for Connor.  He loved them.

Language Arts:

We do lots of practice with sight words each week.  He'll do a color by number from 1+1+1=1, read/build/write, cut/glue/write from Hubbard's Cupboard.

There's always lots of worksheets to do, which I don't always get a photo of as it gets repetitive.

This week, since it was review, we went back and did any unfinished things, like the M is for Monster.  Quite fitting for Halloween, right? =]


For fun I printed off a Pumpkin pack.  He loved all the math stuff, but it was a different story to get him to practice writing letters and such.

 He always has plenty of reminders to be gentle and kind to his baby sister.  She always wants to "help", which frustrates him when he's playing.  Especially when he was trying to show me he could build his transformers puzzle all on his own, and Emma kept taking pieces.  lol.


We deviated a lot from my lesson plans this week, and did lots of crafts and painting.  Connor is so excited about Halloween things this year, so I just went with it.  We read plenty of pumpkin books (shown in the widgit at the top of the page) and we did lots of fun things to go with those.

pumpkin art with homemade paint, pumpkin coloring (he started to make characters), pumpkin patch finger painting
He had lots of ideas he came up with on his own, asking to make a ghost then asking to draw skeletons.  He drew two skeletons during the week, cutting both out and taking them everywhere we went (i don't have photos of that).  He was very upset with me I wouldn't let him take the skeletons to play at Awanas.  ha!

His focus on skeletons promted me to open up our book on the human body and turning to the skeleton page.  I love how easily a child can learn when it's something they are interested in.  We have a huge poster that came with the book and he opened it up several times to look at and ask questions.


Last week we went to the pumpkin patch and picked out pumpkins.  Since then Connor has been playing with plastic pumpkin face pieces we found at the dollar store.  He made a "scary pumpkin guy" to put on our doorstep to "scare away the bad guys".  He kindly let me sacrifice his pumpkin to become our homemade pumpkin pie.  (I let him have my even 'scarier' bumpy one). We gutted Connor's pumpkin and cooked it, then made it into "the best pumpkin pie that I've ever seen!!" 

Connor made his very own special pie with the left overs.  His burnt a little because he spilled it on the sides.  That didn't detur him any in gobbling it down the second it was cool.  He stood there and blew and blew on his pie until he was satisifed it was cool enough to eat.




  1. That fun you guys had this week. And I LOVE your blog picture - I have no idea how you got your picture to have so many yous & not look pieced together but it looks AWESOME!!
    I would love for you to link up at my linky party -

  2. I agree with the above, your blog picture is awesome!!!!

    I love all the arts and crafts! looks like you guys had a great week! :)

    Found you on Preschool Corner at Homeschool Creations!



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