pre-K: week 7

Character Trait:  Courageous
Bible Stories:  Daniel, Fiery Furnace and Esther
DVDVeggieTales - Heroes of the Bible and Rack, Shack and Benny
Science/Social Studies theme:  Fall, Spiders
Letter review:  L
B4FIAR bookAngus Lost

One of my favoite things of homeschooling:  Connor can still be Connor while he learns.  Want to be a dinosaur while you learn?  Fine, be a dinosaur.

Even though I originally had lots planned for this week, we ended up taking it easy.  We spent less time on "paper school" and more time just playing.

Connor is terrified of any and all bugs.  Terrified is an understatement.  But yet, he has a fascination with learning about them, always safely with a book or a toy, not the real deal.  So, this week was really fun for him as we talked about being brave, even when we're afraid - focusing on spiders.

For the past several weeks Connor has been playing with reusable bug stickers and looking through his own library of non-fiction on spiders.  It was no surprise then when I showed him the book I checked out for him from the library, Spinning Spiders, and he was instantly in love with it.  Now.... maybe, just maybe, Connor gets his fear of spiders from me.  But at least he can look at pictures of them.  I had such a hard time reading him this book.  It was very informative, explaining that even though spiders look gross and scary, they are very helpful to us.  Connor sat throughout the whole book, listening earnestly.  Maybe I need a lesson on being brave more than Connor does.  Ha!

Since then he's been in a constant role play of spiders and flies - all his own ideas.  He'll lay down a "web" (blanket) then buzz around the room like a fly, with his hands behind him for the wings.  He then falls onto the "web" and pretends he's stuck, and then the spider (me) wraps him up.  When he .... ok me... tires of that game he moves on to making bees, flies and spiders with his play dough. 

To go along with our theme of spiders, Connor made a paper plate spider.  While he was busy painting that, I went and made him a snack of 'spiders'.  He was tickled pink to be eating spiders.  "Spiders taste GOOD!", he said.

Then we watched Charlotte's Web.  First the cartoon version, then later in the week we watched the newer version.  He preferred the "real" DVD.  Me?  I prefer the cartoon.  Gosh do I hate spiders.  lol.

scary spider attacks scary dinosaur

Each week we sing an alphabet song, printed out from Hubbard's Cupboard.  And each week he gets angry with me if I try to sing it with him, "No Mom!  I can do it!". 

Here's some things we did that thankfully didn't revolve around spiders.

alphabet song, Where is Angus?, read build write

Emma paints while Connor stamps
on his own during play time he took pom-poms and sorted them, being sure to let me know what he was doing, then adjusted his weather when it started to rain

While Connor played at KidzClub at our community center (one of 3 activities he does durning the week) Emma and I learned about shapes.  It was a neat moment.  She's wearing Connor's hand-me down shirt, playing with his hand-me down toy.

Before Five in a Row
Hubbard's Cupboard
Homeschool Creations
Confessions of a Homeschooler




  1. love the do-a-dot on the beginning sounds sheet. :) The picture of Emma with the blue paint is priceless!!!

  2. You have some FUN activities here! I'd love for you to link up with me. I am starting a Linky Party if you want to link up at


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