pre-k: week 6

Character Trait:  review of weeks 1 - 5
Bible Story:  review of weeks 1 - 5
DVDDVD Bible Storybook - Volume 1
Science/Social Studies theme:  Thanksgiving (we live in Canada), Harvest
Letter review:  N

Connor never ceases to humor me.  The first day this week, when I asked him to check the weather and do his calendar he got on his knees and pretended his was a robot.  He stayed in character the entire time he did his calendar time and while we read the bible story then calmed down enough to watch the DVD.

Connor was excited to see a worksheet repeat from last year.  An alphabet direction worksheet from Alphabet Avenue.  We didn't do the entire alphabet last year (with these worksheets), so any left over worksheets I had I've been adding to this years curriculum.

For a craft we did page 83 from Bible Families, it goes with our review of 'Attentive', how Mary sat at Jesus' feet.  Connor colored the pictures, cut them out, then we laminated to make a mat to sit on.

We also did a turkey craft

He was really happy to be building words with Confession of a Homeschooler's blending ladder.

Each week, when he does Kid Writing, he chooses to draw Barricade from Transformers.  Each week.

The Starfall website has some great free printables we used this week to practice handwriting. 

I had Connor make an Indian Corn craft.  He was not on board at all.  He was upset that it wasn't all yellow.  Corn is one of his favorite foods to eat, and he wasn't pleased with this "yucky" corn at all.  I had to persuade him many times to add the other colors, explaining each time that it's not yucky, just a different type.  lol.

He really enjoyed playing pretend with a Farmers' Market book I had found a few months ago at a small book store.  I'm glad I found it, it fit in perfect with the harvest theme and we were able to discuss how food gets to stores so that we can go buy food for our big feast we'll have on Sunday.  I highly recommend this little gem.  There's so much we haven't even touched yet with it.  There's play money, reusable stickers, learning pages and recipes. 



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  1. I just love the picture at the top of your blog. I think a lot of us moms can relate. We just got back from the Farmer's Market so I know my girls would love that book you used. Looks like a week of learning fun! I am a new follower from Preschool Corner. Vicky from


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