pre-k: week 5

Character Trait:  Thankful
Bible Story:  10 lepers (only 1 was thankful)
b4FIARI am an Artist
extra readingGive Thanks to the Lord
DVDMadame Blueberry
Science/Social Studies theme:  Thanksgiving (we live in Canada)

We started out this week with some fun new items.  Much needed items. 

Grandma found Connor a bouncing ball.  Great for those gross motor skills, and for his fear of movement.  We also added a little slide to our back yard.  Again, great for Connor's fear of big slides and playgrounds in general.

I finally found a calendar I like.  Actually, I love it.  It's perfect for us.  Except that Emma won't leave it alone.  lol.

Connor does a lot of free exploring/learning.  We were in the basement playing, waiting for Emma to wake up, and Connor was using our iPad.  He, on his own, opened up a game I had downloaded for free:  ABC Magic Phonics.  He enjoyed playing that for awhile before we headed upstairs to begin our day.

Connor still has a whole lot of free play during the day, since he's only 4.  Most of the time he chooses the same spot he's favored since he was a bitty little toddler.  The couch. 

One morning Connor randomly requested eggs for breakfast.  I think maybe because his 'I can read book' this week had a page that read "I like eggs and bacon".  We rarely eat anything other than cold cereal, so I made him and egg.  He wanted scrambled, so he helped whisk it and helped cut up cheese to melt in the egg.

Some things not pictured that he did was paint clouds using a cotton ball and clothespin.  He decided to paint shapes in the sky (a piece of blue construction paper).  He also painted his fingers and stamped them onto a paper to make the 10 men we read about this week.

He did a couple different dry-erase activities that he seemed to really enjoy.  Especially Confession of a Homeschoolers "First Sentence".  He also enjoyed putting together the "I can count" book from Homeschool Share (to go along with our b4FIAR book:  I am an Artist).  I had him roll a dice and stick that amount of stickers on each page.

Connor again requested an egg for breakfast, this time a "bubble" egg in a car shape.  Specific kid!  I told him I couldn't do that.  Then remembered my metal cookie cutters.  I didn't have a car shape, but I had a gingerbread man shape, so I surprised him with that.

For his "kidwriting" this week the drew 10 lepers.  His idea. 

I loved that his Awanas cubbie book, since it's Thanksgiving soon, was also focusing on the leper story.  I love a matchy match week.  ha!

Both kids enjoyed painting.  Connor with a marble, Emma with her fingers.  Then they both ate a cloud.  (Whipping Cream).  Connor was suppose to make pictures in a cloud, but he just licked it instead.  lol.

One of my favorite things this week was an "Art Book" printable book from Homescool Share.  Each day this week he colored a picture then painted a picture.  I love looking at all the art he did, all neat in a little book.  Part of it is shown in the upper left picture of the collage below.  He was painting "Hiccup" from How to Train your Dragon.

The rest of the pictures are things from Confessions K4 pack.

Homemade Playdough
Hubbard's Cupboard
Confessions of a Homeschooler
Homeschool Share
before five in a row (b4FIAR)




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