pre-k: week 9

Character Trait:  Review
Bible Stories:  Review
Science/Social Studies theme:  Halloween, pumpkins, skeletons (Connor's idea), spiders
Letter review:  review
nursery rhyme/song:  Itsy Bitsy Spider and Little Miss Muffet



One of Connor's favorite things this week was an impromptu print out of nursery rhymes.  We were reciting and role playing 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' and 'Little Miss Muffet' when I remembered KizClub and went to print out these adorable props for Connor.  He loved them.

Language Arts:

We do lots of practice with sight words each week.  He'll do a color by number from 1+1+1=1, read/build/write, cut/glue/write from Hubbard's Cupboard.

There's always lots of worksheets to do, which I don't always get a photo of as it gets repetitive.

This week, since it was review, we went back and did any unfinished things, like the M is for Monster.  Quite fitting for Halloween, right? =]


For fun I printed off a Pumpkin pack.  He loved all the math stuff, but it was a different story to get him to practice writing letters and such.

 He always has plenty of reminders to be gentle and kind to his baby sister.  She always wants to "help", which frustrates him when he's playing.  Especially when he was trying to show me he could build his transformers puzzle all on his own, and Emma kept taking pieces.  lol.


We deviated a lot from my lesson plans this week, and did lots of crafts and painting.  Connor is so excited about Halloween things this year, so I just went with it.  We read plenty of pumpkin books (shown in the widgit at the top of the page) and we did lots of fun things to go with those.

pumpkin art with homemade paint, pumpkin coloring (he started to make characters), pumpkin patch finger painting
He had lots of ideas he came up with on his own, asking to make a ghost then asking to draw skeletons.  He drew two skeletons during the week, cutting both out and taking them everywhere we went (i don't have photos of that).  He was very upset with me I wouldn't let him take the skeletons to play at Awanas.  ha!

His focus on skeletons promted me to open up our book on the human body and turning to the skeleton page.  I love how easily a child can learn when it's something they are interested in.  We have a huge poster that came with the book and he opened it up several times to look at and ask questions.


Last week we went to the pumpkin patch and picked out pumpkins.  Since then Connor has been playing with plastic pumpkin face pieces we found at the dollar store.  He made a "scary pumpkin guy" to put on our doorstep to "scare away the bad guys".  He kindly let me sacrifice his pumpkin to become our homemade pumpkin pie.  (I let him have my even 'scarier' bumpy one). We gutted Connor's pumpkin and cooked it, then made it into "the best pumpkin pie that I've ever seen!!" 

Connor made his very own special pie with the left overs.  His burnt a little because he spilled it on the sides.  That didn't detur him any in gobbling it down the second it was cool.  He stood there and blew and blew on his pie until he was satisifed it was cool enough to eat.



pre-k: week 8

Character Trait:  Discerning
Bible Stories:  Daniel
go along bookHenny Penny
DVDChicken Little
Science/Social Studies theme:  Fall, Bears
Letter review:  F
B4FIAR bookWe're Going on a Bear Hunt

We read our b4fiar book, then I set up some print out story cards from homeschoolshare along with bear paw print outs from homeschool creations, then we went on a 'bear hunt'.  We did all the things from homeschool share's bear hunt lap book, one made me laugh. I asked Connor what he would like to hunt besides bears.  His answer was spiders!  Then he insisted on re-setting up our make shift bear hunt to have the spider at the end.

For math we did print outs from homeschool creations, little cute caves with numbers on them.  I had Connor count gummy bears with the print outs.

Then we made a paper bag fall tree.

I guess I forgot to mention he did all this dressed as a puppy.

He continues to love doing "See it, build it, write it".  We did his sight word "here" and also the vocabulary print outs from Homeschool Creations.

He seen our new Kumon Rhyming book and begged to start that.  I don't think he was impressed that the first page was just a review, but he did it anyways.  ;)

One of the last activities we did this week was led by Connor.  He really wanted to play our Candyland and Chutes and Ladders.  He did okay at both.  Lots of talking about not cheating and reminding what to do at each turn. 

Chutes and Ladders was maddening to play.  It took over 30 minutes because, with out fail, every time one of us reached the top we would always, ALWAYS, land on the chute that takes you down to the 2nd row.  Always.  Even Connor wanted to stop playing after about 20 minutes.

The very last photo is when I was doing dishes and both kids wanted to "help".  I remembered my mom used to give us a small dish with bubbles and a few things to "wash".  So I did that for my kiddos.  They were satisfied for about 5 minutes then moved back to their toys.  lol.  It sure was better than arguing over if they are going to play in the sink though!

an extra thing we did on the side was grab our non-fiction book on mammals and look up bears.  Connor did really well with learning watch bears eat, including panda bears, and how they eat.

Before Five in a Row
Hubbard's Cupboard
Homeschool Creations
Confessions of a Homeschooler
Homeschool Share



pre-K: week 7

Character Trait:  Courageous
Bible Stories:  Daniel, Fiery Furnace and Esther
DVDVeggieTales - Heroes of the Bible and Rack, Shack and Benny
Science/Social Studies theme:  Fall, Spiders
Letter review:  L
B4FIAR bookAngus Lost

One of my favoite things of homeschooling:  Connor can still be Connor while he learns.  Want to be a dinosaur while you learn?  Fine, be a dinosaur.

Even though I originally had lots planned for this week, we ended up taking it easy.  We spent less time on "paper school" and more time just playing.

Connor is terrified of any and all bugs.  Terrified is an understatement.  But yet, he has a fascination with learning about them, always safely with a book or a toy, not the real deal.  So, this week was really fun for him as we talked about being brave, even when we're afraid - focusing on spiders.

For the past several weeks Connor has been playing with reusable bug stickers and looking through his own library of non-fiction on spiders.  It was no surprise then when I showed him the book I checked out for him from the library, Spinning Spiders, and he was instantly in love with it.  Now.... maybe, just maybe, Connor gets his fear of spiders from me.  But at least he can look at pictures of them.  I had such a hard time reading him this book.  It was very informative, explaining that even though spiders look gross and scary, they are very helpful to us.  Connor sat throughout the whole book, listening earnestly.  Maybe I need a lesson on being brave more than Connor does.  Ha!

Since then he's been in a constant role play of spiders and flies - all his own ideas.  He'll lay down a "web" (blanket) then buzz around the room like a fly, with his hands behind him for the wings.  He then falls onto the "web" and pretends he's stuck, and then the spider (me) wraps him up.  When he .... ok me... tires of that game he moves on to making bees, flies and spiders with his play dough. 

To go along with our theme of spiders, Connor made a paper plate spider.  While he was busy painting that, I went and made him a snack of 'spiders'.  He was tickled pink to be eating spiders.  "Spiders taste GOOD!", he said.

Then we watched Charlotte's Web.  First the cartoon version, then later in the week we watched the newer version.  He preferred the "real" DVD.  Me?  I prefer the cartoon.  Gosh do I hate spiders.  lol.

scary spider attacks scary dinosaur

Each week we sing an alphabet song, printed out from Hubbard's Cupboard.  And each week he gets angry with me if I try to sing it with him, "No Mom!  I can do it!". 

Here's some things we did that thankfully didn't revolve around spiders.

alphabet song, Where is Angus?, read build write

Emma paints while Connor stamps
on his own during play time he took pom-poms and sorted them, being sure to let me know what he was doing, then adjusted his weather when it started to rain

While Connor played at KidzClub at our community center (one of 3 activities he does durning the week) Emma and I learned about shapes.  It was a neat moment.  She's wearing Connor's hand-me down shirt, playing with his hand-me down toy.

Before Five in a Row
Hubbard's Cupboard
Homeschool Creations
Confessions of a Homeschooler



pre-k: week 6

Character Trait:  review of weeks 1 - 5
Bible Story:  review of weeks 1 - 5
DVDDVD Bible Storybook - Volume 1
Science/Social Studies theme:  Thanksgiving (we live in Canada), Harvest
Letter review:  N

Connor never ceases to humor me.  The first day this week, when I asked him to check the weather and do his calendar he got on his knees and pretended his was a robot.  He stayed in character the entire time he did his calendar time and while we read the bible story then calmed down enough to watch the DVD.

Connor was excited to see a worksheet repeat from last year.  An alphabet direction worksheet from Alphabet Avenue.  We didn't do the entire alphabet last year (with these worksheets), so any left over worksheets I had I've been adding to this years curriculum.

For a craft we did page 83 from Bible Families, it goes with our review of 'Attentive', how Mary sat at Jesus' feet.  Connor colored the pictures, cut them out, then we laminated to make a mat to sit on.

We also did a turkey craft

He was really happy to be building words with Confession of a Homeschooler's blending ladder.

Each week, when he does Kid Writing, he chooses to draw Barricade from Transformers.  Each week.

The Starfall website has some great free printables we used this week to practice handwriting. 

I had Connor make an Indian Corn craft.  He was not on board at all.  He was upset that it wasn't all yellow.  Corn is one of his favorite foods to eat, and he wasn't pleased with this "yucky" corn at all.  I had to persuade him many times to add the other colors, explaining each time that it's not yucky, just a different type.  lol.

He really enjoyed playing pretend with a Farmers' Market book I had found a few months ago at a small book store.  I'm glad I found it, it fit in perfect with the harvest theme and we were able to discuss how food gets to stores so that we can go buy food for our big feast we'll have on Sunday.  I highly recommend this little gem.  There's so much we haven't even touched yet with it.  There's play money, reusable stickers, learning pages and recipes. 



pre-k: week 5

Character Trait:  Thankful
Bible Story:  10 lepers (only 1 was thankful)
b4FIARI am an Artist
extra readingGive Thanks to the Lord
DVDMadame Blueberry
Science/Social Studies theme:  Thanksgiving (we live in Canada)

We started out this week with some fun new items.  Much needed items. 

Grandma found Connor a bouncing ball.  Great for those gross motor skills, and for his fear of movement.  We also added a little slide to our back yard.  Again, great for Connor's fear of big slides and playgrounds in general.

I finally found a calendar I like.  Actually, I love it.  It's perfect for us.  Except that Emma won't leave it alone.  lol.

Connor does a lot of free exploring/learning.  We were in the basement playing, waiting for Emma to wake up, and Connor was using our iPad.  He, on his own, opened up a game I had downloaded for free:  ABC Magic Phonics.  He enjoyed playing that for awhile before we headed upstairs to begin our day.

Connor still has a whole lot of free play during the day, since he's only 4.  Most of the time he chooses the same spot he's favored since he was a bitty little toddler.  The couch. 

One morning Connor randomly requested eggs for breakfast.  I think maybe because his 'I can read book' this week had a page that read "I like eggs and bacon".  We rarely eat anything other than cold cereal, so I made him and egg.  He wanted scrambled, so he helped whisk it and helped cut up cheese to melt in the egg.

Some things not pictured that he did was paint clouds using a cotton ball and clothespin.  He decided to paint shapes in the sky (a piece of blue construction paper).  He also painted his fingers and stamped them onto a paper to make the 10 men we read about this week.

He did a couple different dry-erase activities that he seemed to really enjoy.  Especially Confession of a Homeschoolers "First Sentence".  He also enjoyed putting together the "I can count" book from Homeschool Share (to go along with our b4FIAR book:  I am an Artist).  I had him roll a dice and stick that amount of stickers on each page.

Connor again requested an egg for breakfast, this time a "bubble" egg in a car shape.  Specific kid!  I told him I couldn't do that.  Then remembered my metal cookie cutters.  I didn't have a car shape, but I had a gingerbread man shape, so I surprised him with that.

For his "kidwriting" this week the drew 10 lepers.  His idea. 

I loved that his Awanas cubbie book, since it's Thanksgiving soon, was also focusing on the leper story.  I love a matchy match week.  ha!

Both kids enjoyed painting.  Connor with a marble, Emma with her fingers.  Then they both ate a cloud.  (Whipping Cream).  Connor was suppose to make pictures in a cloud, but he just licked it instead.  lol.

One of my favorite things this week was an "Art Book" printable book from Homescool Share.  Each day this week he colored a picture then painted a picture.  I love looking at all the art he did, all neat in a little book.  Part of it is shown in the upper left picture of the collage below.  He was painting "Hiccup" from How to Train your Dragon.

The rest of the pictures are things from Confessions K4 pack.

Homemade Playdough
Hubbard's Cupboard
Confessions of a Homeschooler
Homeschool Share
before five in a row (b4FIAR)



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