pre-K: week 3

This week we focused on being "Teachable", the letter P, camping, and our book "rowed" was Play With Me. 

books read this week:
Play With Me
Maisy Goes Camping
Tiny Goes Camping
When We Go Camping
The Three Little Pigs

Mighty Machines
Word World:  Pirates

Day 1:

The Bible story we read this week was how David Responded to Nathan (2 Samuel 12:1-13).  To help Connor understand, I was ripping up little papers and making balls to represent the rich man's sheep and cattle compared to the poor man's one sheep.  I was acting it all out with my paper wads when Connor stood up and grabbed his stuffed lamb and said it was the poor man's one lamb.  That God I have a smart kid.  He saved the day from paper wad props.

I made a table tent which Connor promptly stocked with stuffed animals and baby dolls and books.  We climbed in and read our camping books during Emma's naptime.

We made a "campfire" from cardboard (as a base), rocks, sticks and tissue paper.  Connor went outside and came back with a dried up flower stalk that he used as a roasting stick for his mini marshmallows.

Day 2:

Emma had a doctor appt this day (well baby visit), so I decided to pack up lunch and some school work and do a picnic in a park afterwards. By the time we got there the weather wasn't looking great, so I checked my weather app on my phone and sure enough.... thunderstorms were listed.  I decided to try to go ahead anyways, so we ate our lunch then the kids played in the newly overturned wet dirt.  What a mess.  But they had fun.  We never made it to the pond since I got scared after feeling a couple drops of rain.  I didn't want to get caught so far from the car with two kids and a load of stuff.  We hustled, but it never rained or thundered all day.  Bummer.  So today ended up a free day.

Day 3:

Day 3 has no pictures.  We did some serious catch up today.  Or tried to anyways.

Day 4:

We made 'binoculars' for our pretend camping role playing.  Connor decided they made better jumping spider eyes than binocular.  He's terrified of spiders yet so intrigued at the same time. 

His favorite thing this week, I think, was graphing.  (the snail made it to ten first - we turned it into a race)

I lie.  It was the sensory bin.  I just randomly made one, for the first time, this week.  I hid some plastic dollar store animals on the bottom.  He didn't even know I had bought them, so he was having fun playing with the corn and pouring when he found his first animal, a rooster.  "MOM!  A rooster!!!"  And so on for each animal he found.

Day 5:

Today we made an "insect box".  Connor colored the bugs and matched the shapes to his box.  He did his two Kumon workbooks, folding and cutting.  Emma watched a Praise Baby DVD.

We caught up all of our work that got behind.

I had asked Connor before if he would play with any of the animals mentioned in Play With Me.  His answer was "No.  I want to play with the girl and mommy."  Today I asked again and he said no to all but the deer and the rabbit. 

He summarized the story, with much prompting, and then I asked his favorite part of reading Play With Me.  His answer?  "Mommy".

Hubbard's Cupboard
Confessions K4
1+1+1=1 - sight words
1+1+1=1 - pond life preschool pack
Homeschool Share - Play With Me


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