pre-K week 2

I had a bout of mommy brain when planning out this week.  I planned for a 4 1/2 day week, forgetting that Monday was a holiday.  So we are "behind" in our schedule.  Though I keep telling myself over and over, we don't have to do it all.

This week we focused on being "Attentive".  I didn't have, in all Connor's numerous kid bibles, any story to read that fit the suggestions that were laid out for me.  Since I didn't want to spend hours sifting through all his bibles, I just picked mine up and read from it each day.  I was very surprised that Connor actually sat and listened!  No pictures!  He seemed confused at first, but then his eyes got lost in thought when, I assume, he just made pictures in his head.

I had so many cute things planned for this week.  So many.  Too many.  In addition to just our normal routine curriculum I wanted to make him a "mush" breakfast, paint a night sky, make marshmallow men, role play mailmen and make a monkey tail.  None of that extra happened. 

I need to stop searching the internet for ideas.  I get so overwhelmed with ideas and "oh that's so cute!" and "oh this is cute too!"  Seriously, self, we can't do it all!  Now I just need to repeat that over and over again.

Monday, my forgotten holiday, we were on the road driving back from visiting family near lake huron.  Connor got (most likely) his last swim for the year.  This kid loves the lake.  Loves it.  Emma?  She loves it for about 2.5 seconds.  Then she's done and wants to go back.

Tuesday we went to a park where there was a picnic for Homeschoolers.  I was looking forward to meeting some people in our area, since I know nobody that homeschools, here.  Connor flipped out every time he lost sight of me, thinking I left him, so I met nobody.  We shall try again at some other gathering!

For the rest of the week I had chosen Goodnight Moon as our b4fiar book to 'row'.  From there I picked the nursery rhyme, Hey Diddle Diddle, and printed off some cute things from Homeschool Share. Connor loved the rhyme and actually colored the pictures, he doesn't color often anymore.

He absolutely loved the props I printed from KidzClub, his favorite is the dish, which he keeps calling the dishwash.

We did many many more things which I won't list.  I didn't get hardly any photos this week.  Only three!

The two right photos are two of the worksheets from Confessions of a Homechooler's K4 pack.

At the library I found a Leap Frog DVD that fit our theme, sort of.  Math Adventures to the Moon.

Hubbard's Cupbord
Confessions of a Homeschooler
1+1+1=1 (for our sight word, see)
Homeschool Share
Kidz Club - nursery rhyme story props


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  1. What a fun week! Love that he called the dish a dishwash :-) Yay for finding something he wanted to color. My son doesn't like to color either :-)


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