pre-K week 1

I have made the difficult decision (difficult for me) to homeschool Connor for his junior kindergarten year.  I don't know yet if I will continue.  The reason I finally made the choice to do so this year is for another post.  After I get my thoughts organized.


This is his first week.  I started one week earlier than planned, because when his curriculum arrived at the door, I was that excited.  I'm a nerd.  What can ya do.

I chose b4FIAR (before five in a row) as his main curriculum, and I'm using Hubbard's Cupboard for their character trait/bible study.  Then lastly I'm using Confessions of a Homeschooler for the phonics printouts.  After just a week of doing this mixture I think it is too easy for him.  Which is great for him to be ready for a Kindergarten curriculum, but maddening for me as I have put a lot of time into planning his JK year.  lol.

Anyways, for Connor's first week I chose the ABC Bunny as his first book to "row", since it makes for a nice review of letters.  It also fit our character theme nicely, "Orderly"

Books read:  ABC Bunny           
                 5 Little Monkey's with Nothing to Do
                 Jillian Jiggs
                 The Very Busy Spider
                 First Message Bible- creation story

DVD's watched:  Critter Quest!

Week 1 Day 1:

Our curriculum arrived and I was humored that it had a sticker on the box that said "Bless You".  Very nice touch, I thought.

We began by reading the ABC bunny, then watched the video/song on youTube.

We read from Connor's bible the story of creation, talked about being Orderly, then sorted cereals from Day/Night.

He played on his LeapPad, and I guided him to use the Kindergarten phonics book we have for it.  He practiced being patient with his sister, and practiced sharing with his sister.  With much reminding.  lol.

He learned about physics and gravity from sister's wild hair do.  Kidding.  Except about her wild hair.

Day 2:

After our everyday routine (bible, calendar, weather, etc) I drew some stars and a moon with white crayon and had Connor paint it so the shapes would show through, to make something from "nothing".

We read our Bunny book again, then counted hail stones (marshmallows).  He was very pleased with that.  "Can I eat them!?"  We read a bit about weather and hail in a book we have.

Day 3:

Today we deviated from the plan and spent 4 hours at the Ontario Early Years Centre.  When we finally reappeared back home, Connor put on some jammie pants (don't know why) and we did a few things like stamping the first letter to the picture cards.  Much to easy for Connor, I found.

Day 4:

After our normal everyday activities and a re-reading of ABC Bunny, Connor on his own grabbed a book and wanted to learn about bugs and spiders.  He went through the book no less than 4 times, pointing out something new each time.  While I'm pleased he led an activity on learning, next time I can do without the huge pictures of spiders.  So digusting!  Boys.  Ugh.


Hubbard's Cubboard, preK for 4 yr olds


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  1. Welcome to homeschooling!! What a fun first week :) Looks like you had a blast! You will find there is lots of support on the blogosphere for your homeschooling journey :)


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