my kid is a genuis!

Last night I was trying to give Connor some school work to practice/play that wasn't too easy.  He kept getting bored with everything I gave him because it was too easy.  So I gave him some copy work to practice his handwriting instead, while he also played around with his clay.

I wasn't really paying attention, then I seen his clay figure next to his can of markers.  He told me it was Optimus Prime.  So I looked at it and thought to my self, "Wow!  My 4 year old is AWESOME at forming things out of clay!  He's really getting good!"  (because just the day before he was still making things that looked like various lumps to me, and this actually had arms and legs!  What progress he made in just a day!!)

I had visions of his future, maybe in clay animation, because his recent most favorite things to watch revolve around just that.  Like Gumby and Pingu.  And his favorite activities are making things out of clay.

I thought, wow, he is just so advanced for a 4 year old!! 

Connor's clay "Optimus Prime", under the arrow, and "Barricade" in his hand

Then our conversation went something like this:

Me:  "Connor!  Is that Optimus Prime!?!?"
Connor:  "Yeah!  And this is Barricade!" (showing me the lump in his hand)
Me:  "Wow, Connor!  That is a great Optimus!!"
Connor:  "Yeah! And this is Barricade!" (again showing me the lump in his hand)
Me: (I was trying to get him more excited about how great he did)  "Connor!  Did you make Optimus!!"
Connor:  "No.  Daddy did.  I'm making Barricade.  See Barricade?"

This is the part where I need to insert a photo of a blank stare from me, my pride deflated.


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  1. and insert photo of Al laughing in the background - rb


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