Monster Story

Connor, age 4
Yesterday we got done really early with Connor's schooling.  Like before 10 am.  I was looking for a little extra and remembered Homeschool Share's new Kindergarten Kits.  I went on over to see if anything fit our Goodnight Moon theme, attentive character trait, or the review of letter M.  I chose the Monster Mash kit, to fit our letter M review. 

In the kit there is a section for your child to tell his own story about what the monster's are doing, and you type what your child says.

Here is Connor's monster mash story:

Connor's Monster Story

One day the monster story had the blankie and taked a nap, and they lived by their they woke up and played play-doh and baby and Mr. Nezzer.

Papa Smurf monster is a robot.  Monster Robots is Papa Smurf.  He's bigger than a monster robot.  He gots a chainsaw.

The more - these monsters and the pink monster goes in the orange monster's belly.

One day the monsters taked a big big nap and hugged blankie.  They woke up in the morning.  They played cowboy sitting on the couch.  They played cars go in, army guy and transformers.

One day the monsters take a big BIG nap, 10 sleeps.  They woke up and finished eating their dinner.  Eating their apples, painting...... and played tools.  Then, the monster take a little nap.  One nap.  The monster had a loose tooth.

One day, the monster drinks some water, throwed Mr. Nezzer, throwed toys, played one more cowboy.  And it needs to put on the jump rope, and it doesn't play for a good long time, you know?

They played jump rope instead of cowboys sitting on the couch, and they said, "Cowboy!" and they answered, "turn around" making some big fussy noise, playing jump rope.

They don't play cowboy anymore.  They don't sleep with blankie until they throw the train, tie up the glasses, play the one more racing cars and hit the chocolate guy.

One day, the monster played one more baby, throwed it up in the garbage bag, loose up the box, throw the racing car, run up the stairs, run down and jump like a hero down the stairs, rock the basket down and throwed one more time.

The end.

After several re-readings back to the author, Connor, he wanted to do more, so I opened up a fresh sheet and typed away again as he spouted off another story.

Connor's Monster Story, the sequel

One day the monster make a mess with swords then tied the twisted rope, tied the boots and they make a very very big mess with the wagon twisted up and the necklace throw-did.

They make a VERY big mess.

They trashed blankie up.  Smashed the pillow up.  Bash the toy tractor and kick the door.

Smash into the bathroom.  Smurf the toilet, and the monster truck.  Broke up the couch, nastied up the tool.  Complete throwed the tractor!

They watch 'complete the show'.  Smurf the bowl.  Began to break the glass of water.  Punch the apple.  Shoot the dinner up.  Take off the door, throw it in the toys.

They throw blankie in the wagon, and bunch the pillow and glasses behind the baby.

One day the monster twitched the wagon under the control pillow. 

Smear smurf turfied the garbage.

Bunch daddy's computer, smash Mommy, Daddy, Connor and Emmmie.

And they talked to the phone and say, "buh-bye", and throw that piece of trash, and bunch the trash and throwed the monster's watch.  Break the vacuum down, paint again and break the paint.

Then tornadoes open and closed the door.  Then smashed anything.  And throwed anything!  And be like Jillian Jiggs.

The end.

He was very amused after realizing I was typing all he said and he would have went on for hours, but I had to end it there.  Maybe he'll do a 3rd sequel today.  lol.


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