Flashback Friday: June 2009

I've never before shared this photo with anyone.  The only people that seen this face were the people at the "scene".  I was so embarrassed it happened, and so afraid to be criticized and judged (something that happens very often, I find).  Yet, I can seem to do no right.  By keeping this from people, I saved myself no criticism.  I, instead, am criticized for being to 'passionate' in my quest to keep peanuts from my son.  Go figure!

Two years ago, almost exactly, this happened:

At the time we were camping.  The nearest hospital was 30 minutes away.  He (on my blessing, yikes!) ate a cookie that had peanuts.  His eyes swelled almost closed, his cheeks got bright red and a rash appeared all over.  He was miserable, and we were all on pins and needles, hoping benadryl would be enough.

Peanut allergies are not to be messed with.  They can get much worse than a rash and swollen face.  The fact that his FACE was swollen, scares me. Too close to his throat, if you ask me.

So I make no apologizes in my zealous actions to keep peanuts away.  Especially if I'm miles from any hospital.  Those buggers can be found in so many things you wouldn't think of!  Vanilla ice cream.  Brownies.  Plain cakes.

Always ask before giving food to any child.  But especially if you know he/she has an allergy.

And, if you are asked by me if a treat you have contains nuts, and your answer is "I don't know", don't be surprised if I go digging to find out before my son has a treat.  I am very passionate in not repeating the above scene.  Very.  Wouldn't you all be?

Just for comparison, here is my "normal" son (keep in mind we were camping, so his face is dirty), just hours before his encounter with peanuts:

Normal eyes, no rash, no hot pink cheeks.

Thankfully, two years later, we have yet to see that pitiful face again.

There's always two sides to every story.  Think before you judge.  ;)



  1. you don't mess with peanut allergies !!! Besides every parent has the right to say whether their child can get a treat given to them or not. Ask before you give..... isn't that common sense or just plan good edict?

  2. Holy jeebus!!!!!! Poor Connor. I hate that people judge ANY parenting choice a Mom/Dad chooses to make. These are OUR children. You don't have to agree, but guess what?!?! This is MY child & I am the one who gets to make these decisions. Not you.


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