a message from Emma

Hey!  Hey all you complainers!  Stop!

Yes, it's April.  Yes, it's spring.  Yes, it's snowing.  But there's no need to moan and groan!

You can borrow my idea. 

Spring isn't coming to you?  Then bring spring to yourself!

Just a little cheap bunch of tulips from the grocery store can do wonders to brighten up your play area.

After you do that, put on some bright colors, preferably in a spring outfit, layered to keep warm, then shout... "YAAAYY!  It's spring in here!!!"

Now, stop making those angry faces.  My mommy says your face might stick that way.  And big brother says angry faces are for dragons.  Don't be a dragon.

Make silly faces instead.

If you get bored sitting inside waiting for warm weather, blow some raspberries.  It's a great way to pass time.


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