Week 5: review

Since I'm still new to all of this I was flustered as to what to do, being we missed most of what I had planned for last week, and I had nothing prepared for this week.  So I decided to make it a review week! 

We finished up what we didn't do for "H" week.  I found the perfect book, Hat!  The character's name is Henry, giving extra reinforcement to the H sound.  Then, of course, it fits perfect with Connor's obsession.

We went out to eat for my birthday and there was a magician there, he made Connor an apple balloon.  Perfect for our review of "A".   I pulled out the apple worm counting game, an idea I had gotten from Mama Jenn.  I also pulled out some worksheets and the booklets we had made that first week.

I used chocolate covered sunflower seeds for a sorting activity.  Connor was a big fan of that.

We did plenty of role play.  Good for the creative juices.

He typed up a "letter" to Grandma (practicing his letter recognition).  He used his keyboard and mouse.

We pulled out all the "i can read" booklets from previous weeks, and did all the pattern and math activities from previous weeks.

We wrapped up our week with the Starfall website.  Pure awesomeness.




  1. Dear Connor,

    Collin says he would like a letter, too.

    Love, Holly


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