Preschool Week 6 - Letter Ii

Letter:  Ii
Songs:  Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ten Little Indians
Character Trait:  Courageous
Bible Story:  David and Goliath

Day One:  I am very pleased with Connor today.  He is finally getting rhymes.  Many thanks to his Hooked On Phonics CD-rom game.  It's so rewarding to see hard work finally sinking in.  I was also pleased to just briefly go over the phonetic sound of "I" with him, and then when I turned on the game to work on letter I, he passed with flying colors.

I feel like maybe I made a mistake going in Kumon order so that he could write the easy letters first.  I should have started with the order Hooked on Phonics has in the workbook.  He knows his letters.  He can write them.  I haven't even taught them yet and he's picking out lowercase letters and writing letters on his own.  Oh well.  At least I have the choice to change the curriculum to advance where he is going. 

We didn't only play games today, but that's just the thing I was most proud of (the rhyming and matching).  We also built an igloo out of mini marshmallows.  We read David and Goliath (to match with our character trait focus, courageous and because of I is for Israelite).  Then he watched the Veggie Tales story.

Connor took Emma's stacking toy and acted out the story of David and Goliath (all on his own).  The stacking toy was Goliath and an Optimus toy was David.  Pieces of crunched up paper were the stones.

Day Two:

Being I'm writing this up so late, I don't remember a lot of the details we did.  We just follow along to the curriculum I made up for him.  One activity I remember is cutting out "blocks of ice" then having Connor glue them all together to build an igloo.  I made sure to make the entry a flap, so he could peek in and see the family living inside.  He loved this activity and it helped him understand what an igloo was - an ice house!

Day 4:  We did inch worm finger painting.  Learned about Indians.  We did a small art/craft making a slingshot and Connor drew his version of Goliath.


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  1. LOL! I love the little slingshot & Indian headband!


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