Preschool Week 4, Letter H

This was a short week for Connor, and I'm late getting it written and posted.  We only did 3 days.  We'll probably continue on with letter H instead of moving on to I, as I'm not sure he quite got the phonics in the 3 short days.

I ended up with the flu and Daddy didn't feel comfortable carrying on with the lessons.

We made Heart snacks from Hotdogs.  (idea I got from Family Fun)

Our focus (from Raising Rockstars) was "Honor your Father and your Mother" Exodus 20:12, and the character attribute was "prayerful".  (from Hubbard's Cupboard, Week 22).

We made Hands, hands are for praying.  So I stapled the hands together for him.  He cut and pasted a Hippo craft.  (From Confessions of a Homeschooler)

We read "Cat in the Hat" and "The Napping House."

He colored his verse.

We sang "if you're happy and you know it."

We made Heart Handprints with paint, and Handprint snowmen.

We read Daniel and the Lion's Den (because he was prayerful), Jericho (because of the Horns), The Fiery Furnace (also because they were prayerful), and the Lord's Prayer - all from Connor's Bible.  Then we watched the Veggie Tales DVD that corresponded.

I guess it's not bad for only 3 days.



  1. Uhmmm...H is for HOLLY, too!! LOL!!! I seriously LOVE these posts! Those hot dogs....pure awesome.

  2. Holly!! haaa! I am very embarrassed to say I didn't think of that during the lessons. DUH!


    I was so excited for HAT! and OMGosh! I forgot to add in the post that he read his very first word! HAT! since we've done all the letters, I had him sound it out over and over again until he got it.


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