Joy of Love, Day 9: Passion and Hobby

Connor really is a joy

He has a passion.  That passion is role play.  He is always, always, in a role.  Mr. Nezzer.  Cavis.  Millward (all 3 characters from Veggie Tales "An Easter Carol"). Mr. Potato Head.  Various members of our extended family. 

In this photo he is Optimus Prime.  Not just Optimus Prime, but Optimus Prime "rolling out".

Al has a passion and a hobby.  It revovles around lap tops, blackberry, and computers.

Surfing the internet. Checking his blackberry (bb).  Repairing a computer.  Checking his bb.  Upgrading a computer.  Checking his bb.  Building a computer.  Checking his bb.  You get the idea.


1 comment:

  1. Connor rules. There is nothing else to say.

    & thanks the Heavens Al is a coputer nerd. Otherwise, how else would our family be surviving this compter era...& how else would my Christmas pictures have been saved?!?1 Seriously. He rules, too.


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