Joy of Love day 6: who they love

Connor has a special place for each of us, mommy and daddy.  As do most kids.  His next big "idol" is his Great Uncle Randy.  I'm not sure what it is, other than sheer Uncle Randy awesomeness.  (for he holds a special place in my heart too.)

Connor loves Uncle Randy.  He needs to wear hats like Uncle Randy.  Jeans like Uncle Randy.  Mustaches like Uncle Randy.

If I say we are going to go see Great Grandpa and Great Grandma, he says, "and Uncle Randy!"

When we stay the night at my Grandparent's Connor will wander around all morning, "where's Uncle Randy??" until Uncle Randy shows up.

Since we live in different countries it's very difficult to get a photo of the two together.  So I opted for the next best thing.  A photo within a photo.

As for Emma..... she loves her momma.  I am by far #1 in her life, for now anyway.

It proved to be very difficult to get a photo of us together, where I'd still be the photographer.  Difficult, yet very fun.  I could have used my tripod and remote, sure... but where's the fun in that?

and here are all the outakes.  Reminded me of a photobooth.



  1. I must be PMSing...because this made me cry! I LOVE that you & Connor both hold special places for my Dad. It makes my heart swell sooooo big!

    Those outtakes of you & Emma?! I DIE!! Gush!!

  2. I laughed so hard when I seen the photos of us. My fave is the 2nd row, 2nd column. SO Emma.


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